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Head-hole is trending on . As everywhere, in Iowa

he trends. Elsewhere, in preparation to trend is .

Careful, what’s wished for USA. Alas, head-hole is upon US;

surreally upon US. Networks clamor:  for POTUS!

Careful what you wish, United States Of America; for a head-hole opportunist,

is, in this tragi-comedy, no mere apprentice.

Careful, what is wished for USA; alas, head-hole  is upon US.

Networks become (as if), unwitting publicists, of populists.

Careful what’s wished for, USA; alas, a head-hole  is upon US;

a popular, populist against an unknown … truly, for … us.

For the megalomaniacal one is none other than Arthur Everman’s evil twin brother.

‘s opinion: Art is the evil twin, brother.

Head-hole is trending on . As everywhere, in Iowa

he trends. Elsewhere in preparation to trend is, .

1 PAGE: #34

Da dreams duly sown (in fields, fallow), Art and his Crew wrote somethin’ pithy and useful #twitterfiction-ally … Dey’d ne’er starve … if da pithy … were useful.

Da odds? Astronomical; albeit slim and none summed da objective nonfictional odds, a course and #twitterfiction headings were set … Da heading … due north.

Da chances? Equally astronomical, given albeit too dat mankind (da idiot savant), has penchant and proclivity in nonfictional #twitterfiction, for inefficient development.

Dat better mouse traps had ere been built and great books had ever ere been written in nonfictional #twitterfiction left him stirred … but not shaken.

For it’s been Arthur’s overriding confidence in Da Him of whom hymns are sung dat’s given Arthur, in #twitterfiction, strength to heal humanity, albeit not himself (in nonfiction).

OR BOTH. A (wo)man’s #twitterfictional) writin’ changes dem, just as time, change, authors. Arthur’s well better than he once was, before when Arthur, became author.

BOTH ARE THE GOAL, da Holy Grail, to da (#twitterfictional) healing power of Art, doctors and educators. Too few others know. Yet others are keepin’ Kim’s Plan … under cover.

1PAGE: #32

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #1 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction; everybody fits on Mt. King’s peak, in nonfiction.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #2 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. Tutu-Mandela T and R Commissions inspired Arthur’s actions.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #3 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. You’re certifiably nuts if … you don’t (in nonfiction).

@NelsonMandela: Yer certifiably insane if you read these 140 characters and don’t become wannabe-uber-mensch, in surreal … #twitterfiction.

In yer case Mr. Mandela, ye certainly are uber-mensch material. Until one follows Art tho, one isn’t certifiably … sane (in #twitterfiction).

In dis next to last tweet of 1 PAGE: #32, 7 tweets are bundled, in #twitterfiction-al, alchemical secret, into a real-time display, of reality-literature, nonfictional.

@NelsonMandela: Da risk is not in not havin”CERTIFIED SANE’ on resume. Da risk is indeed not remotely re homo-sapiens’ resumes; risk is in not pluralizin’ dis #twitterfiction-not.

1 PAGE: # 31

In homage to an oh so misunderstood Friedrich Nietzsche: Aphorisms duly in turn pay homage to @NelsonMandela, in surreal, #twitterfiction-homage.

Blendin’ elements of da prose (for reporting-like story-tellin’), wid da more tangibly grippin’ poetry (for beautifully epic, storytellin’), in #twitterfiction.

Homage to Freddy and der uber-mensch uber alles, @NelsonMandela. Aptly: requisitioned out, ‘Zarathustra’ to WW-I Ger. troops in #twitterfiction-not.

Homage to Freddy, @NelsonMandela and ubers everywhere (da wannabes of nonfictional, reality-literature) surreally, #twitterfiction-al.

Get well soon der uber-mensch @NelsonMandela. Arthur, @chachomanopapa, may yet in #twitterfiction-al time, hug you, in nonfiction.

Consider @NelsonMandela following Art in surreal tragi-comic spectacle, wherein wannabes know not what they are, #twitterfiction-ally.

@NelsonMandela: A follow from you; pumpin’ up volume of wannabes to numbers surpassin’, not just Justin but da venerable Yao Chen in dis #twitterfiction.

1 PAGE: # 17

Will the real Kim Jong Un please stand up? That refrain, from a former earthly TV fave game show (that’s a hit in Heaven) echoes resoundingly … on Earth today.

But too few hear; and too many that hear, don’t see; an inexorable consequence of leisurely activity … that doesn’t include … reading … unfortunately.

You’ve entered into a new age. Me knows; you all expected bells and whistles. Take it from Almighty Me … some ages come in with Big Bangs … others with little ones.

Make no mistake. Take it, to the bank. You heard it first, from Almighty Me. An onset of an eon;  silent twitterfiction … or is it … nonfiction?

Talk about Zeitgeist! Twitterfiction? A silent, little bang, if ever Me heard one. Arthur and Kim Jong Un entered … stage left … a stage … and a setting …. authored by Him.

Back to twitterfiction plots. Kim Jong Un sees through transparents (Twitter, Barack & Benny);   betrayed & betrayors; mortal hands that shook. Worse; they used Kim to dupe … Me.

As in nonfiction, in twitterfiction, the 1% minority (warm-blooded robber barons and icily-blooded national and corporate entities … neither confirm … nor deny … Me.

1 PAGE: # 11

Two tweets recently glimpsed swirling about in #twitterfiction’s stream: One’s leaking that Kim Jong Un & Pope are communicating by … “SECRETLY TWEETING HIM

A 2nd #twitterfiction tweet 1st exclaims, “KIM JONG UN & POPE TWEET, then addeth asketh, immediately “NOBEL for DPRK?” … What is this that thee tweeteth secretly … Me asketh?

No one’s confirming; no one’s denying; par for the course, but really, “What if Kim Jong Un undid perception of him … surreally … via Pope Ben’s … #twitterfiction initiative?

In #twitterfiction’s surreality, the end’s not an end as traditional treaties are, to traditional ends, but rather, dialog, exchanges of letters … between friends.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality (Mine too actually), ends are not ends, but never-ending beginnings and ends. To that end then know … you’re just beginning.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality #peace&prosperity’s the end-game. Not just dead ends and giddy beginnings. Smorgasbords, of fresh beginnings, tired ends …  & all the in-betweeny.

To tweet #twitterfiction to obtain #peace then seems not so implausible since its sensibly plausible, we’ll all act, in 3rd acts … (Ben, Bo, Twit, Kim & Me) … responsibly.


@ShareThis “And so, now, w/o further ado, Tweedos, Tweedont’s & Tweenecdotes from a really old, really sage dude … your One & Only … God! Really.

“Christ’s Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI … belatedly (& reluctantly … forget not … I know it all) speaks to his brothers via a Tweet. For a 2nd year … a 2nd Tweet.

”WOW! Time do fly … don’t it?  … Seems yesterday … (bepopping to some Ragtime) … aloof only apparently, I snapped 2 fingers, perfectly creating things, just not … mental-midget-proof.”

”So little time; so much to do.  So I sayeth to you: Disdain devouring decorative parsley, sparing the nutritious all about it … Woe’s upon you … whom so live … so sparingly.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis “Latter Twitter account, (Vicar’s) & former (Arthur’s) … both be Mine. … All’s Mine … really.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis ”THE RIGHT THING TO DO: FOLLOW ART. … Hastily Ben, race to vet the ‘silver bullet’ insight … the alchemic potential … of 140 spaces.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis … “A potentially bold & visionary cleric shall do the right thing … the Christ-like thing.”