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Humor Arthur. Imagine, all, that we’re all …  brothers; and that @chachomanopapa‘s Arthur, @uriminzok’s Kim and Don, the @POTUS, tweet … on @twitter.

What follows is history; past, present and prospective. The epic poetry of a dimwitted Arthur Everman petitions for alternative facts, on new medium, twitter.

Imagine that when, on 12-21-12, nothing galactically cosmic happened, in actuality, authors Art, Don and Jong, megalomaniacal cyber brothers, went atwitter.

Imagine as well that while Kim Jong-un and ‘the Donald Drumpf’ know of the third, the third,  Art, knows them well and that they are overly fond, of their words.

Not so hard to imagine; the three do indeed tweet on twitter; but the two brighter brothers’ world view isn’t as prescient, as is that of the dimwit, third brother.

Imagine that in dreamy reveries and at soirees Victorian, the three, with history’s visionaries,  connected; eating drinking and crafting, their epigrammatic poetry.

Imagine too that words, the most wondrous units ever to be conjured by the minds, of men surreally may be used, by man, to make real, aspirations … human.

In reveries, dreamy at soirees, Victorian, history’s philosophers, poets, artists and visionaries with the megalomaniacs, Kim Jong un, the Don and Art did .. meet.

Kim Jong un now tweets world leaders diplomatically. cc: the Don, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Marine le Pen, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, et. cetera … on twitter.

Kim Jong un’s brother, the President of US, fancies himself a co-author of a best-seller already, next to the Bible, said he, the book, of all time, the very best-selling.

Of course, ‘The Art of the Deal’  is in reality, a book that was actually written, by a ghost, laboring in, relative anonymity. A legal fiction … that ghostwriting.

“What ten words, do you, to humanity, bequeath,” in a dream asked a fallen angel, of a drunken Art. “Answer that in poems, to the republics and nations.”

Now, it had happened that Penemue (a Watcher Angel, fallen), for his God-damned salvation’s sake, posed to Art a plan whereby each might gain salvation.

“Answer epically and poetically that question and ye may win for both of us, perhaps, salvation,” he continued, as Art, beneath his sheet, cowered, in reaction.

“Only poetry, the metaphysical language of love may Earth’s humanity yet save; only my poetry, of the written forms, emotes, and evokes, sufficiently.”

Art Everman’s poetry is meant to acculturate! For acculturation is but modification, of behavior, as applicable to group behavior as it is to individual behavior.

So Art Everman writes on 3 levels; 140 character epigrammatic tweets metamorphose to
980 character blogs, to a compendium, book; a poor man’s publicity.
“What ten words, do you, to humanity, bequeath,” in a dream asked a fallen angel, of a drunken
Art. “Answer that in poems, to the republics and nations.”

Is it possible for ye humans to be more like bees? For ye must be more like bees if ye are ever to be one community. To be or not … to be?

Most certainly, ye must be more like bees if ye hope to ever be, one community. To be, or not to be? That is, for humanity,  the threshold question.

It is Scripture (the Testaments, Qu’ran, the Book of Mormon, et. cetera) wherein lives wisdom, and the uncommonly, common, Rules … Golden.

The very cross-cultural commonness of Golden Rules, evidences, their significance. This repair manual is in the spirit of that significance.

Is to be or not to be ever to be the question? As in your brother Hamlet’s soliloquy, this is about nobility but soliloquies are of Another.

The children of Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh are brothers and sisters before Him, it mattering not at all, our nationality nor our tribe to Him.

Earthlings! Do heed Penemue,  for I am the one and only Watcher of the original 400, left too do (what eons ago), he was commissioned by Another … to do.

What ten words do you, to humanity, bequeath?” An intriguing question; the inception to an
alchemical introspection and … transformation.

That question, posed to Arthur (Art) Everman, post 9-11, was asked of Art, by a faceless one. “Who”, asked Art, “are you?” “Your counterpart” …

… he replied … cryptically . “More specifically, I am, Art, Penemue,  a fallen angel.” 400 (200 princes and 200 followers), fathered … the Nephilim.

Nephilim (the giant men of renown in Genesis) were fathered by the fallen. All but three of  the 400 are in chains a-waiting the Day of Judgment.

The chained are the fallen angels who married and commenced in unions with human women, and who taught … knowledge … forbidden.

The unchained three remain unchained because they married and fathered not, Nephilim and because what they taught (wo)men, to Him, answered.

To wit, while 397 of the fallen, lusted after, married, and procreated Nephilim, three, albeit fallen, revealed knowledge … not forbidden.

Fear of Muslims in US, fear of Muslims in a European, Union; fear of Muslims seemingly, near everywhere; must it forever be us, versus them?

It may be, albeit, unlikely, that visionaries step up. Arthur Everman’s poetry, a letter to the nations, a la the poetry, of my dear Emily.

Arthur’s poetry is, a la Emily’s Dickinson’s, a letter to the world, a la Willy’s, plays on words and a la Rumi’s, ruminations on mysteries.

Art draws inspiration from the lives of the poets; from the westerners Emily Dickinson and Willy Shakespeare, to an easterner known as Rumi.

From history’s poets, philosophers and scientists Arthur draws inspiration; and from Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s most magnificent creations.

Platformless, Art writes on 3 telling, levels; 140 character tweets metamorphose into 980 character blog logs and a book; a poor man’s … publicity.

Kim communes with his cyber brothers, President Don, Arthur, and history’s luminaries, nightly.


Kim dreams, surreally, with Don, Arthur, and history’s luminaries, about peace, and prosperity.


So Kim, Don and Art dreamt, mused, spoke, wrote, tweeted, blogged and  penned, surreally,

psychotherapy; poetry in need of, but, photography.


In Lieu of Plan A … Plan B

A #twitterfiction-al rendition of AN ATLAS POETIC; On history, truth and reconciliation,

His story, anarchy, wannabes, alchemy & synergy in epic poetry. CHAPTER ELEVEN

Were @uriminzok NOT to call upon the power of Truth and Reconciliation in

#twitterfiction then, in lieu of Plan A, on to … Plan B. cc: @CNN

Malaysia’s Usman Awang: In lieu of Plan A, it’s on to Plan B. In #twitterfiction,

Plan B (cc: @CNN) relies more on logic, and less on whim.

Myanmar’s Min Thu Wun: In lieu of Plan A, it’s on to Plan B. In #twitterfiction,

Plan B (cc: @CNN) relies more on logic, and less, on whim.

Nepal’s Laxmi Prasad Devkota: In lieu of Plan A, it’s on to Plan B. In #twitterfiction

Plan B (cc: @CNN) relies more on logic, less on whim.

@Uriminzok’s in the catbird-seat, in the enviable position of trading, in #twitterfiction,

a Nobel … for nuclear … non-proliferation …. cc: @CNN

Art Everman wonders if, in @LIFE & in @Time (cc: @CNN) @DisneyPixar in

#twitterfiction animates AN ATLAS, POETIC’s nonfictional … fiction.

1 PAGE: # 24

The Korean stalemate, problematic as it is, is the best bet amongst your global nuclear rivalries, for a #twitterfiction settlement of issues … quite possibly.

The stalemate, pitting a Communist North against a capitalist South, is in microcosm, allegory, Korean, of recent … anthropological history.

In contrast to nonfiction, in #twitterfiction, this stalemate’s precursor to a united Korea, really lessening global tensions … surreally.

Kim Jong Un, youngest head of state, in #twitterfiction’s, the sexiest on the planet, if only to … his beloved … lovely wife … Ri Sol Ju.

Elitist Forbes Magazine, in a piece on the 7.1 billion, wrote of 71 of you that are, in #twitterfiction, “the ones that count” … a nonfictional … fiction.

Fact is that Forbes’ “ones that count,” don’t count much without the rest of you. Without you … the ones that count … count too few.

Facebook, Earth’s communal face, and Twitter, its communal voice, augur the means, already accessible, by which you might aspire … to Me … communally.

1 PAGE: # 23

Facebook, the planet’s face and Twitter, its voice, bode that 1% of 7.1 billion, 71 million, in #twitterfiction, make fiction … nonfiction.

Elitist Forbes Magazine, in a piece on the 7.1 billion, wrote of 71 of you that are, in #twitterfiction, “the ones that count” … a nonfictional … fiction.

There’s strength in numbers and there’s alchemy in education. In #twitterfiction, synergy’s energy may be reaped, by acting … concertedly.

There is alchemy in education just as surely as there is strength in numbers of the busy bees and antsy ants, in hives and hills … respectively.

Kim Jong Un, 28-29, the DPRK’s head of state is too, Onion’s sexiest on the planet, indisputably. Uttered is Nobel, in the same breath as Kim Jong Un … implausibly.

A Nobel for Kim? Not out of the question if Kim plays dead-pan poker judiciously. Implausibly ridiculous to talking heads, it’s perfect … for Me.

The Korean stalemate, problematic as it is, is the best bet amongst the global nuclear rivalries, for a #twitterfiction settlement of issues … plausibly.

1 PAGE: # 22

Forbes Magazine, ever unabashedly elitist, in a piece on the planet’s 7.1 billion, wrote of seventy-one amongst them … “the ones that count” … (only).

There’s strength in numbers and there’s alchemy in education, if you harness synergy’s energy.  What force you might bring to bear … acting concertedly?

There is alchemy in education just as surely as there is strength in the numbers of the busy bees and the antsy ants, in hives and hills … respectively.

Facebook is the new face of the planet and Twitter, its new voice. Me wonders whether seventy-one million might start to … manufacture alchemy.

Kim Jong Un, 28-29, already head of a state and the sexiest man on the planet is moving up on that list … for a Nobel awaits … Kim Jong Un.

A Nobel for Kim? Not at all out of the question, if he plays his cards pragmatically. Implausibly ludicrous to knowledgeable pundits, it’s perfect … for Me.

Dirty old ways of making money, ever filthy, are as well, increasingly passe. Education’s alchemy, and alchemy’s, rocket fuel … for forging destinies.

1 PAGE: # 21

My children learn intuitively (not instinctively), that there is strength in numbers. Ants & bees holistically teach kids … what generals & CEOs use, to gain, strategically.

Education’s alchemy; one needn’t be a whiz in chemistry to appreciate the energy of children. What force might be brought to bear if we  … concerted action?

Forbes recently noted our number; 7.1 billion in it’s article on the 71 that count. Unabashedly elitist, unnoted was that each … is powerless absent … large numbers of proxies.

Kim Jong Un, about 28 & already, head of state & the sexiest man on the planet, is moving up on that list, for unbeknownst to Forbes, a Nobel may await … Kim Jong Un.

A Nobel for Kim. Not at all out of the question, if he plays his cards, judiciously. Implausibly ludicrous to knowledgeable pundits … it’s perfect … surreally.

With Facebook, the new face of the planet and Twitter, its voice, Me wonders whether seventy-one million might start … to manufacture … alchemy.

Oily old ways of making money, ever filthy, are as well, increasingly passe. Education is alchemy, and alchemy’s rocket fuel for the forging … of destinies.

1 PAGE: # 17

Will the real Kim Jong Un please stand up? That refrain, from a former earthly TV fave game show (that’s a hit in Heaven) echoes resoundingly … on Earth today.

But too few hear; and too many that hear, don’t see; an inexorable consequence of leisurely activity … that doesn’t include … reading … unfortunately.

You’ve entered into a new age. Me knows; you all expected bells and whistles. Take it from Almighty Me … some ages come in with Big Bangs … others with little ones.

Make no mistake. Take it, to the bank. You heard it first, from Almighty Me. An onset of an eon;  silent twitterfiction … or is it … nonfiction?

Talk about Zeitgeist! Twitterfiction? A silent, little bang, if ever Me heard one. Arthur and Kim Jong Un entered … stage left … a stage … and a setting …. authored by Him.

Back to twitterfiction plots. Kim Jong Un sees through transparents (Twitter, Barack & Benny);   betrayed & betrayors; mortal hands that shook. Worse; they used Kim to dupe … Me.

As in nonfiction, in twitterfiction, the 1% minority (warm-blooded robber barons and icily-blooded national and corporate entities … neither confirm … nor deny … Me.

1 PAGE: # 16

That Kim Jong Un be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 is not near as implausible as it may seem, in a #twitterfiction of surrealities … so seemingly … nonfictional.

Consider: In a recent tweet, Me characterized Kim as “gunning” for the Nobel Peace Prize … in 2013. Not so implausible, as it seems … in dreams … #twitterfiction’d.

Consider #twitterfictionally, Kim Jong Un’s recent remarks regarding the DPRK’s economy … vis-a-vis, its rocketry … Eyes on Kim … and not because he’s sexy.

Consider that Kim knows that it is what it is; and that it … need not be. Only he of the three Me tweeted along with Kim, shook hands … enthusiastically.

Consider Kim himself. Take it from Me, The Almighty. No man as unseen, is watched so keenly. And so he moves like the tiger … deliberately.

Consider: Kim knows that you do not know the real Kim. He wants you to know him … That Kim, sexiest only to his wife … is the real … Kim Jong Un.

Considering the above, Me’s characterization of Kim as “gunning” for the Prize wasn’t chippy. Rather, it is because #twitterfiction’s surrealities, seem so … nonfictional … really.

1 PAGE: # 14

Arthur beat out a drumbeat. Part breezy, part bluesy, the total of its parts, in #twitterfiction, ought to have been newsy … nonfictional … fiction.

Me knew better. Art too beat back a certainty; even a very rosy #twitterfiction epilog will not improve his odds of saving Earth beyond … near nil … (not!).

But Me knows better than that too. Me is author and editor. Me makes universes. Me’s the ability to tweak in #twitterfiction … with verse or tweet … a galaxy … and thee.

Verse snugly fits within tweets. Me knows this. Art learned it. That’s why Me liked Art’s #twitterfiction verse, as a way to MOST implausibly … save the Earth.

Talk about Zeitgeist. My galactic alignment (that it’s Mayan, is in error), capitalism and communism, Lady Gaga, and now, in #twitterfiction … Kim Jong Un.

Young ones: Ones such as Kim Jong Un and you; wrest power from powers that be and Benny, Bo and Twit proxies. Your destiny fits snugly… in #twitterfiction surrealities.

Fitting into #twitterfiction reality isn’t near enough in fact, for that so-called reality’s, surreality in fact. How to jibe … your surreality … with My reality?

1 PAGE: # 13

Write it. They’ll come. Leave Zeitgeist, miracles and other supernatural phenomena to Me … They did and you didn’t. Art doubted chachomanopapa but … ne’er Me.

Art ne’er doubted Me but the feasilbility of enterprises resting near completely on the salability of a manuscript no one had read … and no one cared to read.

To what avail what’s written well if what’s so written ne’er sees … day’s light … Arthur … following a heavenly protocol, of his wings … was stripped … by stripper.

Such an unprecedented event, for Arthur, was fateful. More on that later. More importantly, even before his wings were shorn, his tweets & blogs had rippled … outwardly.

Eventually, when the Zeitgeist was just right, Me tweeted Ben, Bo, Twit & Kim … Frankly, Me tweeted them: Go down the tubes now … (really) … or later (surreally)?

That got their attention. All agreed; win-wins for all; cool panacea. Yet, all that shook on it … now have feet cold … as a witch’s tit.

All but Kim. Let’s face it. Twit’s a twit. He’s out of it. Ben’s old. Bo’s not so old but he ain’t bold. And what is Kim? KIM IS NOT OLD … KIM IS BOLD … KIM IS GOLD.