1 PAGE: # 14

Arthur beat out a drumbeat. Part breezy, part bluesy, the total of its parts, in #twitterfiction, ought to have been newsy … nonfictional … fiction.

Me knew better. Art too beat back a certainty; even a very rosy #twitterfiction epilog will not improve his odds of saving Earth beyond … near nil … (not!).

But Me knows better than that too. Me is author and editor. Me makes universes. Me’s the ability to tweak in #twitterfiction … with verse or tweet … a galaxy … and thee.

Verse snugly fits within tweets. Me knows this. Art learned it. That’s why Me liked Art’s #twitterfiction verse, as a way to MOST implausibly … save the Earth.

Talk about Zeitgeist. My galactic alignment (that it’s Mayan, is in error), capitalism and communism, Lady Gaga, and now, in #twitterfiction … Kim Jong Un.

Young ones: Ones such as Kim Jong Un and you; wrest power from powers that be and Benny, Bo and Twit proxies. Your destiny fits snugly… in #twitterfiction surrealities.

Fitting into #twitterfiction reality isn’t near enough in fact, for that so-called reality’s, surreality in fact. How to jibe … your surreality … with My reality?

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