Monthly Archives: June 2018


The brothers are feeling hurried and harried.  So Kim, Donny and Art have taken a fancy  to Voltaire’s, prayer:  “Lord, protect me from my friends.  I can take care, of my enemies.”

Xi stretched his eyes, horizontally.  Then, gazing intently at Don, he said, “Confucius said, ‘Turning ourselves inside out, all of us look like, all others.’” So Xi to Don, last night, said.

All,  hurry.  Don to deconstruct.  US, and allies.  Bob to report.  On lies, in truth.  Arthur’s just a More-Mart greeter, but Don, beware the ides.  Not Caesar’s March, but September’s.

A Nobel Peace Prize.  It’s the only prize the Don cares about.  Alliances?  Who needs ’em?  Why construct, if destruction’s, easier?  Survival of the fittest.  It is all about US, not them.

And he wouldn’t have cared about the current, World Cup fever, except that Vlad’s team, was, until recently, still competing.

A failure to plan is a plan to fail.  So Kim, Don and Arthur plan, in forays to Luna, nightly, not to fail.  Hence plans, A, B, and C, as necessary.  A catcher in the rye, may be, Plan ZZZ.