Monthly Archives: January 2015

Violence Rules … Violently

What’s happening? Events are spiraling out of sustainable control. Violence does rule; and (s)he, without discrimination, does … rule rudely.

Violence rules; passively, as in cyber warfare, or actually, as in three-dimensional weapons(handguns, printed, not manufactured), unlike, as in … our previous … nonfictions.

What’s happening? Events are spiraling frenetically (as if algorithmically) out of control. Violence rules; dual modalities, as if conspiring … to censor … our transcendence.

What’s happening? Nothing less than grand cosmic theatre by Him, The One and Only Master … of the Universes … He of many Names; He … that is … Father.

In Lieu of Resolutions … a Remarkable … Solution

What dynamic might play out were a laughter-fueled human wave to and from spacemen to transform the human fabric in the aftermath … of such radical … action?

That is to say, what profoundly transformative vectors might hopefully transpire if only we were resolute enough to explore the possibility inherent … in such a … game-changer?

What if we dared … to all laugh at once? That we could realize such a mind-boggling proposition in juxtaposition with ongoing Spacelab missions is just … on the cake … icing.

A recent documentary provided a tantalizing clue. In it, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the renowned physician made the following … astonishing … declaration:

Paraphrasing now, he declared that, in effect, the body can’t tell fake laughter from laughter, genuine. Either, and/or both, spur of … serotonin … production.

For might not then, a wave of humanity wave to Spacelab crews to test a time-honored proposition:
That laughter … ever is … the best medicine.

In lieu of resolutions why not opt then, for a more common sense option; a more alchemical prescription … for the solution of everything … global.

The dynamic empowered by laughter, whether independent or concurrent … is serotonin-like.
Hormonal release of serotonin; a key to happiness; for release of orbiting and orbitals alike.

And if, accordingly, what’s good for the goose really is, what’s good as well, for the gander, then when a crew aloft and a crew below, wave, to one another … a bond attaches … then.

Ought we not, like Newton too, stand upon the shoulders of giants as we peer further than men commonly do. Ought we not too, see further? Stand upon the gigantic shoulders … of His men.

And if we peered further, would we not clearly see that it is of collective action that juggernauts are built, whether metaphysically, as here, or, as with NASA, more physically, time-warp driven … are.

For everything we’ve learned about operant conditioning evidences that were such an activity ever undertaken, energy therefrom might rightly mine … the richest vein … ever.

For, if because we consciously will it to be, something amazingly larger it becomes, wouldn’t we then more rightly give thanks … for our God-given … acumen?