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The planet’s richest tongue (by word count), owes its wealth to its liberal borrowing,

from other languages, and history’s mystical, timing.

English is the Earth’s second, lingua franca. Now spoken globally, its rich vocabulary

is at home in song, psalm, prose … tweet or poetry.

It may be, there are more English-speaking Chinese, than Americans. More Chinese

than Americans may discern a twit … from a tweet.

Tweet is often understood; but twit? Not as often. Twits are taunts. To twit’s to titter

or taunt. Hmmm; why then Twitter, and not, Tweeter?

Alternatively, a twit is a silly, annoying, person or fool. How appropriate then; a twit,

twits, on Twitter; nobody’s fool but his spirit’s.

Why Twitter and not Tweeter, albeit an intriguing riddle, is not the point, in debate.

The point is the twit that’s been a tweeter, of late.

The twit that tweets promises that if he dupes the US, the American people, a wall,

he’ll build, women, he’ll cherish and books, he’ll sell.

A real tweet 09/06/15, by ‘co’-author Tony Schwartz, on his book’s real authorship:

“I wrote the Art of the Deal. Donald Trump read it.”

Why so sad? Look at the bright side. A rumptrump’s legacy may well be, the liberal

and conservative wings, of a democratic party, multilingual.

Careful what you wish, United States of America; a tweeting twit is an opportunist.

And he is, in this tragi-comedy, no mere apprentice.

What is humorous, may be, also, serious; for the ugly-American-in-chief aims to be,

commander-in-chief … no laughing matter … verily.