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Prisoners for life; so are we all in our respective paradigm matrices. Only but illusorily free are we not hemmed in by razor wire, tall walls and iron bars.

It has been Scripturally written that the truth shall set ye free; but His truth is not limited to one people, much less, any one individual, save One.

This nonfictional #twitterfiction-al history of the world, The Wine and Cheese Miracles, is written (albeit in vain), because our Creator foreordained that it be written.

Predestination; so completely at odds with our illusion of free will, is nonetheless consistent with a Creator Whom knows numbers of hairs on heads, from moment, to moment.

Predestination; not new, historically speaking, but a radical, and to many a heretical doctrine, pointedly, NOT, generally accepted doctrine.

Prisoners for life; but we’re our own jailers; and we have the keys to our cells in our hands. Perhaps God inspired the Scriptures, cross-culturally, so we’d understand …

… that it’s of the utmost importance that His children aspire and struggle to overcome adversities inherent to life … after The Fall … from His Kingdom.