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Six Inter-Galactics … on a Mission

Six critters; one, of a pathetic, two-legged variety, opine on the human condition
and predicament … in this … our surreal … nonfiction.

Six souls armed with but a handle are on … a ‘mission impossible’ … to enable
the only seemingly unable; a mission for (wo)man, not actually … impossible.

Six called (we imagine) to write by the nonfictional Force of Muslims, Christians
and Jews; called upon to … (dare I say it) … paraphrase Him.

Six lovers of Ovid’s insights into change and Emily’s letter to the world take a cue
from them. Their epigrams are to say … we all … love you.

Six Bohemians beg: Abnegate nationalities! Exalt humanity! A call to action:
Make real the ‘impossibility’ … of Global Truth … and Reconciliation!

Six wrote the manuscript from which these verses are drawn. Most of the nations
and the territories … are addressed … therein.

The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy and comedy, and in
addition … a contradiction … nonfiction, posing as … fiction.


Excerpt from a long-read (THE WINE AND CHEESE MIRACLES … AN ATLAS, POETIC); therein, within the entire midsection of the manuscript, The Roll-Call of the Nations, the legal (and illegal leaders) of the nations and territories are, via interview by Arthur Everman, polled:

To the Mingrelian, Georgian et al, language speakers of Sukhumi and beyond: Sow what we
all know in our hearts. Freedom is not free. Fittingly,
alphabetically speaking, this first entry of AN ATLAS, POETIC is neither state, nor colony.
It is merely … a national … wannabe.

According to a survey held in 2003, 60% of Abkhazs identify themselves as Christian,
16% as Muslim, 8% as atheist or irreligious; another
8% adhere to the traditional Abkhazi religion or as Pagan;
6% are undecided and 2% … as follower of religions … other.

Arthur Everman asked of President Raul Khadjimba: No, freedom has not ever been free.
You and yours well know that by now. Given that it’s very costly,
aren’t the paradigm matrices that immure us and the lemming syndrome that afflicts us, surely,
by piecemeal peace … wearing us down … inexorably?

Raul’s reply: Indeed, costly freedoms, dearly won, seem illusory when all that’s left to
eat are flags, rags and battle cries. Accordingly, I am urging my people to
consider whether all peoples wouldn’t be better served by a man-made groundswell to
globalize government, in order to more equitably, wealth … accrue.

Goal: To impress upon the ninety-nine percent of us that the sovereign-nation-state model that inordinately benefits but a fraction of the one percent to wield power … inordinate. In wine and cheese ‘mixers,’ miracles … happen.

My Question: What would you have Arthur Everman ask the leader of your nation or territory?


Acculturation, the modification of the original culture of individuals
or groups through prolonged contact with different cultures
has, up until recently, been a rare phenomenon. The internet’s potential
to acculturate … surely … is treasure.

Acculturation’s a natural process, not readily appreciated in the absence
of an expansive perspective, as, for example,
from the Creator’s point of view. In His view, irrelevant is difference,
but indifference … is … abominable.

Time for Global Truth and Reconciliation; surreally, whether you think we
can, or whether you think we can’t, you’re right, absolutely!
And so, The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy and comedy;
nonfiction … posing as fiction … ironically.

In poems melding Ovid’s and Emily’s about change and a letter, visionaries
ask of you: Of what good are borders and nationalities?
From a nonfictional dream, a poetic and prosaic tragi-comedy,
and prophesy too … for prediction … is prophesy.

Arthur prayed to his deity, He of the Jews, Christians and Muslims;
praying he’ll find … the missing Bohemians.
Allah/Jehovah/God/Yahweh as if answered in dreams: “Tweet to the denizens,
a blog and a book …. Write, to your global … co-citizens”.

Let’s take shortcuts in this surreal reality to peace and prosperity. Alchemically
speaking, the internet is the Philosopher’s Stone. We are … but one … only.
Let’s take shortcuts to peace and prosperity. Abnegate nationality. Accent humanity,
and upon what others have built … build atop it … opportunity.

And so, inspired by Ovid and Emily, Arthur wrote a fiction, non-fictionally.
This tribal nation-state thing is untenable … undeniably.
“To be … or not to be ….” So wrote the great Willy. It’s past time we
take a page from that play and ponder its implications … sagely.

1 PAGE: #38

Prisoners for life; so are we all in our respective paradigm matrices. Only but illusorily free are we not hemmed in by razor wire, tall walls and iron bars.

It has been Scripturally written that the truth shall set ye free; but His truth is not limited to one people, much less, any one individual, save One.

This nonfictional #twitterfiction-al history of the world, The Wine and Cheese Miracles, is written (albeit in vain), because our Creator foreordained that it be written.

Predestination; so completely at odds with our illusion of free will, is nonetheless consistent with a Creator Whom knows numbers of hairs on heads, from moment, to moment.

Predestination; not new, historically speaking, but a radical, and to many a heretical doctrine, pointedly, NOT, generally accepted doctrine.

Prisoners for life; but we’re our own jailers; and we have the keys to our cells in our hands. Perhaps God inspired the Scriptures, cross-culturally, so we’d understand …

… that it’s of the utmost importance that His children aspire and struggle to overcome adversities inherent to life … after The Fall … from His Kingdom.