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ON ONE ORB (2-From ‘AN ATLAS, POETIC’; On Making Common Sense Common)

“What ten words do you to humanity, bequeath,” in a dream asked a fallen

angel, of a drunken Art. “Answer that in poems, to the nations.”

It had happened that Penemue (a Watcher angel, fallen), for his salvation’s

sake, posed to Art a plan whereby each might gain, his salvation.

“Answer poetically, that question and ye shall win for both of us, salvation,”

he continued as Art, beneath his sheet, cowered, in reaction.

Poetry, the metaphysical language of love may Earth’s humanity yet save; only

poetry, of the written forms, emotes and evokes, sufficiently.

Art Everman’s poetry acculturates! For acculturation is modification, of behavior;

as applicable to group, as it is to individual, behavior.

And so Art Everman writes on 3 levels; 140 character tweets metamorphose to 980
character blog logs, and a book; a poor man’s … publicity.

And so Art calls upon wannabe Hillary, @HillaryClinton to crush the megalomaniac

(@realDonaldTrump), and then the ISIS faux Muslims, attack.




There’s untold power in behavior modification; just ask nonfiction’s

on using cutting-edge neuroscience … in .

Behavior mod works well in individuals, sociological basis for the phenomenon

we know in  as acculturation. cc: .

Behavior mod works well in individuals; on a higher level, it may work, in nonfiction,

for the nations in . cc:

Behavior mod; imperative, because conflict on Earth is in nonfiction, but common …

domestic violence in . cc:

Behavior mod; alchemy, not from Philosopher’s Stones but, in nonfiction, from

God-made … minds of men in  cc:

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fiction, nonfiction and in

neuro-scientific science-fiction (NOT). cc:

Art tweets 140 character epigrams into, in surreal, nonfictional ,



More XII

of an algorithm forward toward evolutionary acculturation.

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions and in nonfiction,

neuro-scientific, science-fiction (NOT), in #twitterfiction.

Behavior mod works well in individuals; it’ll work well too, in our nonfictions

for nations; an old world order renewed, in #twitterfiction.

AN ATLAS POETIC; nonfictional, fiction. Laughter therapy and behavior modification,

in ironically, tragic … and comic … #twitterfiction.

Alchemical potentials, metaphysical and transcendental transformations in nonfiction;

A, B, C, easy! Suspend disbelief, in, #twitterfiction.

AN ATLAS POETIC: A step-by-step algorithm toward one community in nonfiction;

on tweets, epigrams, blog and book in saving, #twitterfiction.

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions and in #twitterfiction,

neuroscience; just ask @TonyRobbins for his opinion.


Is ISIS winning? NEITHER Isis (the Caliphate), Israel, (Jewish state), NOR, any state, in ends,


Is ISIS winning? Neither Caliphate, Jewlsh state, nor indeed, any state … in these end-

games, wins.

Is ISIS winning? As Washington worries, the Islamic State is gaining, and Iran,

that’s fighting back.

Is ISIS winning? Conflict on Earth is but domestic violence however, in nonfiction,

it’s militarized.

Is ISIS winning? But domestic violence has remedies; amongst them in nonfiction

is … acculturation.

Is ISIS winning? But acculturation takes time (generations) and, in nonfiction, time, is, limitation.

Is ISIS winning? Wrong question; the larger question, in nonfiction, is: Is …

humanity, winning? -is

Is humanity, winning? Yes and no. We’ve come a long way baby but in nonfiction,

we’ve too far, to go.


Women are HIS Children … Too (V)

Women are HIS Children Too (V)

Click on the link for insight into the gender gap; what it is; and how it regrettably
is … holding us … back. http://wef.ch/m01NP.

Women (and girls) are His children too. The Truth is hidden in plain view, in nonfiction.
There is no absolute but One, and it is, Him.

This tribe-like, nation thing’s not working. We’ll need to find a way to acculturate …
before … at this late date … it gets … far too late.

Holy Scriptures, Rick’s ‘A Purpose Driven Life’, Tony’s tomes on positive,
change and Nelson’s Commission … auger solutions … palliative.

Rick, Tony and Nelson augur hopeful realities; for if destinies individually may be
purposefully forged, ipso facto, so may we forge … a global destiny.

‘AN ATLAS … POETIC’ is a manuscript that begs all … “To be or not to be?”;
it is a question that is, as a plan in itself, an insightfully …

… wise way to inter-connect, to help, to get help, to learn, earn and prosper, to be
in peace …. To so be … be … connectedly.

Why then, ‘AN ATLAS … POETIC’? It’s all about whether to be or not to be,
notwithstanding, Tower-of-Babel-like languages … and nationalities.

‘AN ATLAS … POETIC’ is a clarion call to action; it’s an all-points-bulletin
for Bohemians; ‘global’ citizens … not ‘national’ … citizens.


Acculturation, the modification of the original culture of individuals
or groups through prolonged contact with different cultures
has, up until recently, been a rare phenomenon. The internet’s potential
to acculturate … surely … is treasure.

Acculturation’s a natural process, not readily appreciated in the absence
of an expansive perspective, as, for example,
from the Creator’s point of view. In His view, irrelevant is difference,
but indifference … is … abominable.

Time for Global Truth and Reconciliation; surreally, whether you think we
can, or whether you think we can’t, you’re right, absolutely!
And so, The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy and comedy;
nonfiction … posing as fiction … ironically.

In poems melding Ovid’s and Emily’s about change and a letter, visionaries
ask of you: Of what good are borders and nationalities?
From a nonfictional dream, a poetic and prosaic tragi-comedy,
and prophesy too … for prediction … is prophesy.

Arthur prayed to his deity, He of the Jews, Christians and Muslims;
praying he’ll find … the missing Bohemians.
Allah/Jehovah/God/Yahweh as if answered in dreams: “Tweet to the denizens,
a blog and a book …. Write, to your global … co-citizens”.

Let’s take shortcuts in this surreal reality to peace and prosperity. Alchemically
speaking, the internet is the Philosopher’s Stone. We are … but one … only.
Let’s take shortcuts to peace and prosperity. Abnegate nationality. Accent humanity,
and upon what others have built … build atop it … opportunity.

And so, inspired by Ovid and Emily, Arthur wrote a fiction, non-fictionally.
This tribal nation-state thing is untenable … undeniably.
“To be … or not to be ….” So wrote the great Willy. It’s past time we
take a page from that play and ponder its implications … sagely.