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Six Inter-Galactics … on a Mission

Six critters; one, of a pathetic, two-legged variety, opine on the human condition
and predicament … in this … our surreal … nonfiction.

Six souls armed with but a handle are on … a ‘mission impossible’ … to enable
the only seemingly unable; a mission for (wo)man, not actually … impossible.

Six called (we imagine) to write by the nonfictional Force of Muslims, Christians
and Jews; called upon to … (dare I say it) … paraphrase Him.

Six lovers of Ovid’s insights into change and Emily’s letter to the world take a cue
from them. Their epigrams are to say … we all … love you.

Six Bohemians beg: Abnegate nationalities! Exalt humanity! A call to action:
Make real the ‘impossibility’ … of Global Truth … and Reconciliation!

Six wrote the manuscript from which these verses are drawn. Most of the nations
and the territories … are addressed … therein.

The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy and comedy, and in
addition … a contradiction … nonfiction, posing as … fiction.

Women are HIS Children … Too (V)

Women are HIS Children Too (V)

Click on the link for insight into the gender gap; what it is; and how it regrettably
is … holding us … back. http://wef.ch/m01NP.

Women (and girls) are His children too. The Truth is hidden in plain view, in nonfiction.
There is no absolute but One, and it is, Him.

This tribe-like, nation thing’s not working. We’ll need to find a way to acculturate …
before … at this late date … it gets … far too late.

Holy Scriptures, Rick’s ‘A Purpose Driven Life’, Tony’s tomes on positive,
change and Nelson’s Commission … auger solutions … palliative.

Rick, Tony and Nelson augur hopeful realities; for if destinies individually may be
purposefully forged, ipso facto, so may we forge … a global destiny.

‘AN ATLAS … POETIC’ is a manuscript that begs all … “To be or not to be?”;
it is a question that is, as a plan in itself, an insightfully …

… wise way to inter-connect, to help, to get help, to learn, earn and prosper, to be
in peace …. To so be … be … connectedly.

Why then, ‘AN ATLAS … POETIC’? It’s all about whether to be or not to be,
notwithstanding, Tower-of-Babel-like languages … and nationalities.

‘AN ATLAS … POETIC’ is a clarion call to action; it’s an all-points-bulletin
for Bohemians; ‘global’ citizens … not ‘national’ … citizens.