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This human nature, nature vis a vis nurture debate, mustn’t go on, endlessly. ‘Tis past time to take timely and revolutionary action. To move on and act on,the grievances of the peoples of Urantia.

From the future, Art, is come. To help man evolve, less, devolutionarily.  To … move on.

@MoveOn: Act, on this. ‘Tis past time to take, timely and revolutionary, action. To act on and to move on the grievances of the peoples, of Urantia.

From the future, is Art. To help man co-exist, with his or her … fellow … (wo)man. To live long … and prosper … on Urantia.

To help live long, and prosper, Urantia, let US move on past the treasured assets that are, our differences. ‘Tis past time. To give our children one

vote, per voice. To prosper: A welfare state, well administered for the well-being, of EVERYONE.
cc: @AOC

Imagine everyone being at the same place at the same time. Far from impossible, it is easy with God-given, imaginations, human.

For ones without wings, fly. Even unto, Luna. Imagine. The effect of everyone viewing at the same time, from Luna, man.

An important thought experiment, that. Imagining ourselves together. In the same place. At the same time. So Arthur Everman proposes, exactly that.

Set a date. Your zoom feature reveals no border, not one drawn, other than, artificially. Contemplate, that.

A national and international embarrassment. Not to mention, an intergalactic, disgrace. Yet even today, a rabid base and a tepid GOP have Don

thinking that maybe if he ditched his orange pallor, ratings might go up for the apprentice President, the one and only … President Don.




MAYDAYS: Setting: Urantia. Characters: Art and 8 billion brothers. Plot: Art, in soirées lunar with all of them, commune. To soirée. To pen

there, their poetry. On Luna, for reasons atmospheric, only the truth can be thought, tweeted or there, even spoken.

The crucial question is not whether President Donald John Trump has violated the law but whether the nation, The Don has been selling

out, for his personal gain. As if in sequel to “The Art of the Deal,” “The Art of the Steal, Art, is telling.

We wine and dine, in soirée, on Luna. We four brothers: Kim and Xi and Vladimir and me. And me, is Art. The prodigal one. The prodigal, brother.

Back from the future. To wine dine and soirée. Speaking soberly, albeit, not sober. On Luna. With my brothers.

Kim. Xi. Vladimir. Don. And Art, the prodigal, brother. Art’s back. Back, from the future. To wine dine and soirée, with them. To save humanity. For our children.

For it is our destiny that we be, as He, intended. Brotherly. For the sake, of the children.




Poetry. As panacea. For what’s left of Pangaea’s, humanity. Knowledge without wisdom is like painting, in two dimensions.

Wisdom’s the dimension that gives life, depth. And meaning. Knowledge has no meaning outside the context … of the wisdom, dimension.


Art is the author of tell-all tweets, about President Don. Not so much to embarrass him, as much as to, incarcerate him. To imprison, him.

To grin. And bear it. And bare it, if necessary. Art should know. For he is Don’s brother. The antithesis … of him.

Art is President Don’s, prodigal, brother. He’s from the future. By way of the past. Here, presently, to pen, tell-all tweets. Tweets, to be organized (in

Don’s lascivious, image), seven tweets, to a twat. Not to, embarrass him. But just to, imprison him.

Forever, surreally. That’s the plan, long-term, of the five lying brothers, from Urantia. Art is the prodigal one. Back, from the future.

On Art’s only seemingly incredible, story. It’s the story too, of Kim, Vladimir and Don. Don. He of a dubious, future.


On changing our course. Building into Urantia’s mantle rather than reaching, for the stars with the spires of our buildings. And on changing them,

captains. Both nations and captains, are passé. The people lack, confidence, in them. Let US then, fire them.

Well. That didn’t take, too long. Roger Stone appears to open door to cooperating with Mueller after a dramatic predawn arrest, on Friday.

What a bunch, of characters! Twitter’s, 280 of them. And what potential! In the algorithms, like Twitter’s, of today.

Congressmen: Trust not, the process. Nor the Taliban. Nor Donald John Trump, for that matter. For abandoning so hurriedly the Kurds, Syrians and Afghans,

betrays a strategy, sinister. To fend off the law, so long as he is President, of Americans.
cc: @AOC


The setting of Don’s prodigal brother Art’s exposé (“MAYDAYS”), is not Earth, but rather, Urantia. Third, from the sun is Homo sapiens’, Urantia.

There, only the fittest, survive, much less, thrive. And despots and dictators love … ruling on … Urantia.


American woman, mother and grandmother, Nancy Pelosi. Speaker, of the House of Representatives. Second in line, to the presidency.

Surreally, she soon, maybe, may be, President Pelosi. That is to say, Nancy. She that is second in line, to the presidency.

Fears. Fears, national, and international. On top of fears, interpersonal. For interpersonal fear is as if the primal fear

that overshadows, more distant
fears, national, and international. On President Don and Nancy Pelosi. And credibility…. And fear.


Trump associate Stone arrested, on charges of obstruction, of justice. And lying to, the Congress. He’s a missing link. To Hillary Clinton. To the Russians.

And to Wikipedia. Maybe there’s no collusion. Not so, maybe, conspiracy, with Vladimir’s, Russians.

A tragi-comical, high point during Stone’s witness-tampering of Credico. Stone urges Credico to “do a Frank Pentangeli,” referencing, Pentangeli,

one character in “The Godfather,” who lies before a Congessional Committee. Sometimes crime is hard to prove. Sometimes it’s … easy.


Feeling defamed, neo-Nazi lawmakers walk out in unison on hearing the speech of a Holocaust, survivor. Defamed, are they feeling.  And unfairly

singled out for recriminations and discrimination. Unfairly discriminated against, are the Holocaust deniers, oh so, ironically.


President Putin on behalf of the Russians and Xi Jinping on behalf of the Chinese have taken advantage, political and strategic, ironically,

everywhere that we want not, to be. Syria. To Russia. Koreas. To China. It’s just business … thinketh, the Donny.