On changing our course. Building into Urantia’s mantle rather than reaching, for the stars with the spires of our buildings. And on changing them,

captains. Both nations and captains, are passé. The people lack, confidence, in them. Let US then, fire them.

Well. That didn’t take, too long. Roger Stone appears to open door to cooperating with Mueller after a dramatic predawn arrest, on Friday.

What a bunch, of characters! Twitter’s, 280 of them. And what potential! In the algorithms, like Twitter’s, of today.

Congressmen: Trust not, the process. Nor the Taliban. Nor Donald John Trump, for that matter. For abandoning so hurriedly the Kurds, Syrians and Afghans,

betrays a strategy, sinister. To fend off the law, so long as he is President, of Americans.
cc: @AOC

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