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“I want to meet not only my accuser, who presented SECOND & THIRD HAND INFORMATION but also the person who illegally gave this

information to the Whistleblower. Was this person SPYING on the US President? Big Consequences!” Public — obstruction — is this!

The Don is gonna tweet himself right to prison. Witness the whistleblower’s lawyers’ concern for their client’s safety. President Donald and his allies

have sought to discredit the complaint; and the complainant. But Don ought have left it, to his, allies.

Don ought to have left it to, allies. Witness thoughtlessness, impulsiveness and cluelessness, in general, without parallel. And his

recklessness in seeking to personally discredit the whistleblower, is a big problem for Vladimir Putin. It is, what, it is.

The plot thickens. Washington would need Russian consent to publish transcripts of phone calls between US President Donald and his Russian

counterpart, Vladimir. Congress begs to differ. Congress must listen in on talks, between Donald … and the Russian.

The White House is trying to discover the identity of a whistle-blower whose anonymity is protected by law. A brazen move for a president

under scrutiny for obstructions of justice and abuses of power. To subject him or her to retribution by the president.

The White House is trying to out the identity of a whistle-blower whose anonymity is protected, by law. A brazen act, given the president’s

investigations, ongoing; for obstructions; and abuses. His tweets are become roadmaps, to impeaching, the president.

A lot has happened since The Donald’s descent on an escalator on the first MAYDAY, 1,542 long days ago. Seemingly surreally so. Actually,

starkly real, for the many he’s taking down, with him. Not just Jamal’s killer. The evidence is recorded top-secretly. Very, surreptitiously.




The plot on Urantia (the setting), thickens. Vlad’s Cabal; Xi, Kim, Don and Mo, to more power, aspire. And even more aspirations reside in

colorful characters; characters like Moscow Mitch McConnell. But for the moment everyone takes their cue from Vladimir, Vladimirovich, Putin.

Everyone takes his cue from Russian President Vladimir Putin. He remains the undisputed master of the four novice — apprentice — puppeteers.

And albeit the Cabal to more power, aspire, they defer for the moment, to Vlad Putin, the Russian Master Puppeteer.

Each member of Vlad’s Cabal aspires, to ever more, power; each defers, for the moment, to Vladimir Putin, the Russian Master, Puppeteer. However,

each is learning composition of poetry, using the magical algorithm — hidden — in plain, sight … on Twitter.

“Eureka! I — have found it in plain sight — on Twitter. I have found the algorithm,” said The Don last night in the Cabal’s, nightly, soirée, lunar.

“Transcend. Take a cue from American whistleblowers. And listen to a Puerto-Rican-European whistleblower.”

“Listen to the whistleblowers said Don last night in the Cabal’s, nightly, soirée, lunar. “To transcend,” he went on, “take a cue from American

whistleblowers (of which there are two, at least). Impeach me. And from my office — oust — a Russian, American.”

“Impeach me. And from my office, oust me. I have acted as a Russian asset in the highest office in America; a useful intermediary, for Vladimir.

To transcend this paradigm, improve upon it. Put an end to my lying and my self-serving deference to Vladimir.”

The President’s pissed so little is known about the whistleblower. Per the New York Times, he or she is a CIA officer currently, Langley-

assigned. But Don wonders, “is this Langley angle from the NYT … fake news disinformation —dissemination — actually?”


That Ukraine commands center stage in Washington mostly bemuses, in Ukraine. After centuries in the shadow of its Russian frenemy, ironically,

Ukraine is now a pivot around which the fate of the world’s most powerful country turns, implausibly, ironically.

Russia’s admonition to Washington against revealing any details of telephone calls between their respective leaders ought be,

suspiciously, viewed. It ought be viewed as an invitation — to look into — all the President’s … telephone calls, retroactively.

As an invitation to look into the President’s telephone calls with President Putin ought be taken Russia’s admonition to Washington.

Washington ought review as well the President’s meeting with Russian diplomats, in Washington. And in Helsinki, with Putin.

Every rainfall; indeed, every cascading waterfall begins with a first drop, of water. A Connecticut newspaper is that first drop; the first,

to call on The Don to resign, citing damning evidence, from the Ukraine. A first, drop — born, of America — first.

Implausibly denying any wrongdoing; saying he held up Ukrainian aid because he wanted other countries to contribute more money to Ukraine’s

defense. Saying so now is like covering up the emperor’s naked body in bed with the ever desirable body, of Ukraine.

Democrats prepare to move quickly to build a case for impeachment. House Intelligence Committee members are remaining in offices

in Washington; working, through recess; seeking to build a case for articles of impeachment and removing The Don, from office.

The latest revelations show that Rudy and The Don ran what a shadowy — shadow — foreign policy in Ukraine over the course of three elections

— this year’s vote in Ukraine; the 2016 vote in the United States; and the vote in, 2020’s, presidential, election.



The 9-page complaint released just ahead of the testimony to House investigators of Joseph Maguire, the acting (one — of the President’s

— many men), director of national intelligence. His testimony may well be extraordinarily impeaching, of the President.

@VP: This is what happens when the law enforcement officials who are charged with defending our country become overseen by a president,

evidently, unfit. Ye know — Mike — ye have a special duty; and power in the 25th, to find unfit, this unruly, President.

The president’s loyal apologists. An impeachment net has snared The Don’s top advisers. But loyalty isn’t reciprocal, necessarily. Witness when

impeachment looms, the president tosses his No. 2 to the wolves in a reverse show of loyalty … to him.
cc: @VP

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice, to deceive. Webmasters, in that sense, are we all; everyone of us.

But some of us webmasters are more masterful, than others. Witness our lying president, the president, not for long … of all of us.

Nervous, the Kremlin on Friday expressed its hope that Washington would not release confidential details of phone calls between Russian

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his overly talkative counterpart, Donald John Trump, the President, American.

Curious seems to Arthur the nervousness, of the Kremlin; in its expression of hope that Washington not spill the details of calls,

treasonous between Vlad



The plot thickens. There are actually, not one, but two whistleblowers, whistling in Swamp Washington, to federal investigators, these days.

There’s the Ukraine-Gate associated one; but there’s another, IRS associated, one — to President Donald’s — dismay.

In a court brief this week evidence from a whistleblower suggests that the regular IRS audit “may not be functioning effectively, partly

because of the absence of safeguards to protect IRS employees and the audit process from improper influence.” Oh Donny!

President Don’s making a fine mess of things. In a court brief this week in a matter, separate from Ukraine-Gate, yet another whistleblower

complains of “inappropriate efforts” to influence an IRS audit. Don: Too crooked for straight arrow, whistleblowers.

“You know who I did it at the request of? The State Department,” said Rudy. The scheme to shake down Ukraine was a massive plot, corrupting,

multiple, officials. And President Don has lots of accomplices, in addition to Rudy. Indeed — thickens — the plot.

Thickens, the plot. The scheme to shake down Ukraine has been politically audacious; and criminal; corrupting many. So the President

has lots of accomplices. Prisons is recommissioning Alcatraz and dedicating its entirety, to accomplices, of the President.

Prisons is recommissioning Alcatraz and dedicating its entirety, to accomplices of the President. And the President, himself. The politically

audacious scheme to shake down Ukraine is criminal; it’s corrupted, many. The President will have lots of company.

The Don will have lots of company. A recommissioned Alcatraz, dedicated in its entirety to accomplices of the President the President‘s

men and the President, himself. He’ll interview there with the media and the media may defend or not … the President.



Republicans in the Senate control Don’s fate. Should the House of Representatives, led by Democrats, vote to impeach the President,

thereafter, the Senate would conduct a trial that would decide whether removed from office, or not, shall be, the President.

Should Representatives in the House vote to impeach Don, the Senate — barring the revelation of even more, lurking, scandals — would likely, acquit him.

And it would be just like them party-first Republicans — to an incompetently unfit, President — acquit.

In New York for the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly and seemingly surreally, simultaneously, in Washington,

President Don yesterday starred in a split-screen spectacle; playing the statesman while fighting his enemies, in Washington.

The rapidly-escalating confrontation between the White House and Congress comes just months after The Donald’s Mueller investigation.

Now he’s back in the crosshairs of a resurgent Democratic impeachment effort over fresh and straight forward, allegations.

Because the inspector general has found the underlying whistleblower complaint credible and an URGENT concern, it’s galvanized Democrats

into pressing their advantage. Striking while the iron is hot are the newly galvanized, and the reenergized, Democrats.

The acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he could not speak freely, before Congress; the White House may,

illegally, attempt to force him to stonewall Congress, when he testifies before it tomorrow on make-or-break, Thursday.


In love and war, everything is fair. It’s perfectly fine to lean on a foreign power if it helps Don win an election. The President seems not far from war

with too many. And he knows, most importantly, that the @Scotus knows all’s fair, in love … and war.

Significantly, the President knows that the conservative majority of the @Scotus knows too that everything in love and war, is fair. It’s perfectly

fine to lean on a foreign power if it helps Don win re-election. And the President leans on them, perfectly.

On Thursday, Maguire is set to testify publicly before the House Intelligence Committee and in a closed session before the Senate Intelligence

Committee. On Thursday all Hell breaks, loose. A self-server is the President; and an insult to our intelligence.


@scotus: Ultimately, we are a government of men and not laws. The law has no force without people willing to enforce it; the ball, squarely

now, is in the court of its Republican Senators. And in the court of President Don’s Supreme Court insurance policy.

An already simmering plot inexorably, thickens. Rich in irony is the tell-all that’s Vladimir’s Cabal’s, as well. And Arthur’s, too. A ball, surreally,

ironically, only seemingly is in the hands of Congress. It’s in the hands, of the Supreme Court, really.

Loose lips — sink — ships. In a supreme irony, a collective planetary destiny may lie in the hands of Don’s Supreme Court, insurance policy.

Richly ironic is MAYDAYS. An epic tale by the Cabal and Art. Kavanaugh sleeps tonight, if at all … most fitfully.



9-21-19: An International Day of Peace: The UN is also convening a Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23 to discuss threatening climate change;

discussing what actions may be taken to implement the Paris Agreement the pact to fight a crisis, of climate change.

An International Day of Peace was yesterday, 9-21-19. The UN is also convening a Climate Action Summit, tomorrow, on Sept. 23 to cite, actions, taken.

To mitigate crises of climate change, advocate for political change — and your political actions — taken.


All these things are leading US to, no, good end. Except to the extent, very possibly, that we learn, from them. Vladimir’s Cabal is like an infestation

of trees; infestations, by conflagration, destroyed. Followed thereafter by the following reforestation.

US is set to stage our largest day of protest ever over the climate crisis with tens of thousands of students —joined — by adults, in abandoning

schools and workplaces, for a wave of strikes, across the country. As if, goodbye to President Don … waving.

On top of everything that’s happening to Don, having to see the face of Greta all day as the nation stages its largest day of protest ever. Mass

gatherings, like mass shootings shape, public policy. Her commanding all that attention sickens Don, en, masse.

Federal bribery statutes specifically prohibit any US official from expressing any “specific intent to give or receive something — of value

— in exchange for an official act.” Courts have ruled that political attacks — constitute, ‘something … of value.’

Rudy made a scene on CNN. Amid the accusations and the insults, he acknowledged that “of course” he had asked the Ukraine to look into

Biden. Umm. That — is a problem. The Don likely didn’t intend for Rudy to admit to anything about Ukraine, that was true.

By the time the two presidents spoke during the July 25th telephone call, the meeting at the White House, still, had not been set. And a White

House hold on $250 million in military aid for Ukraine — since released — bodes poorly for a house … off-white.

All these things are leading US to, no good end. Except to the extent, very possibly, that we learn, from them. Vladimir’s Cabal is like an infestation

of trees; infestations, by conflagration, destroyed. Followed thereafter by the following reforestation.