That Ukraine commands center stage in Washington mostly bemuses, in Ukraine. After centuries in the shadow of its Russian frenemy, ironically,

Ukraine is now a pivot around which the fate of the world’s most powerful country turns, implausibly, ironically.

Russia’s admonition to Washington against revealing any details of telephone calls between their respective leaders ought be,

suspiciously, viewed. It ought be viewed as an invitation — to look into — all the President’s … telephone calls, retroactively.

As an invitation to look into the President’s telephone calls with President Putin ought be taken Russia’s admonition to Washington.

Washington ought review as well the President’s meeting with Russian diplomats, in Washington. And in Helsinki, with Putin.

Every rainfall; indeed, every cascading waterfall begins with a first drop, of water. A Connecticut newspaper is that first drop; the first,

to call on The Don to resign, citing damning evidence, from the Ukraine. A first, drop — born, of America — first.

Implausibly denying any wrongdoing; saying he held up Ukrainian aid because he wanted other countries to contribute more money to Ukraine’s

defense. Saying so now is like covering up the emperor’s naked body in bed with the ever desirable body, of Ukraine.

Democrats prepare to move quickly to build a case for impeachment. House Intelligence Committee members are remaining in offices

in Washington; working, through recess; seeking to build a case for articles of impeachment and removing The Don, from office.

The latest revelations show that Rudy and The Don ran what a shadowy — shadow — foreign policy in Ukraine over the course of three elections

— this year’s vote in Ukraine; the 2016 vote in the United States; and the vote in, 2020’s, presidential, election.


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