The plot on Urantia (the setting), thickens. Vlad’s Cabal; Xi, Kim, Don and Mo, to more power, aspire. And even more aspirations reside in

colorful characters; characters like Moscow Mitch McConnell. But for the moment everyone takes their cue from Vladimir, Vladimirovich, Putin.

Everyone takes his cue from Russian President Vladimir Putin. He remains the undisputed master of the four novice — apprentice — puppeteers.

And albeit the Cabal to more power, aspire, they defer for the moment, to Vlad Putin, the Russian Master Puppeteer.

Each member of Vlad’s Cabal aspires, to ever more, power; each defers, for the moment, to Vladimir Putin, the Russian Master, Puppeteer. However,

each is learning composition of poetry, using the magical algorithm — hidden — in plain, sight … on Twitter.

“Eureka! I — have found it in plain sight — on Twitter. I have found the algorithm,” said The Don last night in the Cabal’s, nightly, soirée, lunar.

“Transcend. Take a cue from American whistleblowers. And listen to a Puerto-Rican-European whistleblower.”

“Listen to the whistleblowers said Don last night in the Cabal’s, nightly, soirée, lunar. “To transcend,” he went on, “take a cue from American

whistleblowers (of which there are two, at least). Impeach me. And from my office — oust — a Russian, American.”

“Impeach me. And from my office, oust me. I have acted as a Russian asset in the highest office in America; a useful intermediary, for Vladimir.

To transcend this paradigm, improve upon it. Put an end to my lying and my self-serving deference to Vladimir.”

The President’s pissed so little is known about the whistleblower. Per the New York Times, he or she is a CIA officer currently, Langley-

assigned. But Don wonders, “is this Langley angle from the NYT … fake news disinformation —dissemination — actually?”

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