AN ATLAS POETIC, aka, The Wine and Cheese Miracles aka MAYDAYS, aka MORONS AND ALIENS; for what ails Pangaea, more than one title hath my panacea of MORONS AND ALIENS.

AN ATLAS … POETIC is a poetic love letter to every inhabitant of Earth. It dovetails cosmic, geological and socio-anthropological history (politics) with socio-political current events (politics) to save us from ourselves, at least temporarily, by yet even more politics.

AN ATLAS … POETIC’s subject matters are vital. Its length, expected to come in at less than 300 pages, is remarkably brief. The format it adopts is a Roll Call of the Nations. In verse, it compellingly addresses, and is intended to appeal to, a global audience.

The targeted audience is, therefore, as broad as can be. Each leader of the nations is (in verse) addressed by a single individual of that leader’s nation. A UN free (to delegates) book distribution is anticipated. It’s part of the marketing plan.

Human institutions are roasted; deservedly so. They feed us lies. We gorge ourselves on them. AN ATLAS … POETIC’s aim is to be a clarion call. Grave dangers confront us. It urges that we proactively act and not just sheepishly await, our fates.

Pragmatic counter-measures are merely a matter of alchemical congruency of thought (the new alchemy), as when, on the proposed GCD (Global Citizenship Day), an international Space Lab Crew waves to us from orbit, and we, wave back.

Finally, it’s got a colorful cast of characters, all the better to make a motion picture with, for kids of all ages. Animal Planet with an Attitude, anyone?

We may yet be true to principles we so overwhelmingly espouse, but by our actions, omissions to act and skillful lip-service, so routinely negate. That’s long been pandemic, but now that voodoo economics are back in vogue, houses of cards teeter.

It’s the contagious enthusiasm of our kids via that yet somewhat new medium, the internet, that may infect the rest of us and somehow save the world. Would that it does. The irrepressible enthusiasm of kids is the active ingredient of Wannabes’ alchemic elixir.

The success of the several facets of the enterprise, book, movie, website and the global cooperative depends most on those standing to inherit a mortally wounded planet. That the groundswell’s point of origin may be Puerto Rico is a sumptuously delicious irony for the author.

The entire enterprise, as outlined within the manuscript as a whole, envisions a pluralistic war on ignorance. Such a war might turn the tide against lesser included wars, against, for example, terrorism, drugs, hunger, poverty and even indeed, slavery.

It’s a war wherein the enemy’s battle plan has us divided into isolated pockets, each, surrounded. The prognosis; bleakly near hopeless. It’s a war that would have calmer heads prevail. It’s a war we seemingly don’t even know we’re fighting.

The pragmatic alternative going forward; a purposeful alteration of our course, born simply of a collective will to do. Surreally … this really is … a no-brainer.

Arthur Everman (Miguel Vera)

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  1. charlypriest

    Read your poem on the blog “poeticcreations” found it very unique and well written and me as an extremely novice poet I had to do what I have coined “my cool stalker moves” so if you don´t mind I´ll be dropping by once in a while to see if some of your writing rubs off on me.



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