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Pangaea: 196 nations; 4200 religions; 6500 languages; too many labels for one

sub species sharing one home, in nonfictional .

Religionism and nationalism are the twin threats to sub species homo sapiens sapiens,

in this most surreally, nonfictional, .

That one sub species that shares one home, is our very own homo sapiens, sapiens

(twice wise [wo]man), in this nonfictional .

Why not evolve towards a global secular government with a Golden Rule the one

and only, commandment … in nonfictional … ?

Changes in frames of reference (values and beliefs) are not limited in ,

to individual behavior modification, in nonfiction.

Irony’s the hallmark of His story, history. Change in frame of reference how-tos, in

, are in AN ATLAS POETIC, in nonfiction.

Pangaea: 196 nations; 4200 religions; 6500 languages; but why not just one

label, for the one sub species, sharing one home?