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MAYDAY 1395: TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019

The sheer irony; the ludicrousness of everything that’s happening, may save Vlad the trouble, of having Art killed. But not, EU and UN investigations.

Putin’s gone furious. Kim, Xi and Don, too; similar scenes playing, in Beijing, Pyongyang and Washington.

Don’s bumbling, presidency; Art’s extortion of each of them of the Cabal; and now the pendency of even more, investigations.

Buying time with the UN and the African and European Unions, Vlad met with his agents, with the nerve agent Novichok, them, arming.

Buying time with Unions to find Art and kill him, Vlad thereby buys time too for more Russian geopolitical moves. Passports, for the Ukrainian nation.

Syrian, sieges. Summits, with Xi and Kim. And fail-safe contingency plans o/b/o the Cabal, by Putin.

Brexit, uncertainties. Allegations, sinister: The UK is considering Mueller-like, inquiries. No wonder the Cabal are freaking out about more scrutiny.

Scrutiny being, anathema to them. No wonder the revisiting of the Cabal’s, contingency Plans … A and B.

Conflict. Coming soon, to a theater near ye. ‘Twas on last evening’s agenda in soirée on Luna. On top of political and economic uncertainty. No wonder then

the Cabal’s revisiting of Plans A and B. It’s in case their collective peoples, arise, against them.

One alternative reality; Earth: Earth; awash in blood. Bathing, in conflict. Conflict. If not there already, rest brother, uneasy. It’s coming soon. An

alternative reality; Urantia; no wonder Vlad’s revisiting Plan A status quos and Plan B transformations.

MAYDAYS co-authors confirm, as follows: Our planet is Urantia. Our Plans: Plan A, status quos, vis a vis, Plan B, transformations.

One alternative, reality; Earth; awash, in blood; bathing, in conflict. A reality alternative, is Urantian.

MAYDAY 1394: MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2019

As of Sunday, 1,393 MAYDAYS have come and gone since Don descended, as if from Heaven, to make America, great again. An alternative reality,

seemingly, surreal. God willing, there’s a real, alternative. An alternative to this surreal, as if unreal, reality.

There is a real alternative to this new surreality. Vladimir’s cabal members and MbS, the member, wannabe, have agreed to defer, on immediately

assassinating Arthur, a favor granted by Vladimir, at the behest of @antonioguterres, the UN, General Secretary.

On the heels of a witch hunt, a man hunt, for Arthur Everman. The Cabal, scouring a planet. Searching for Art. Imperative to time-dishonored, disorder’s,

status quos. It matters not that the Cabal agreed to defer on assassinating the whistleblowing Arthur.

On the heels of a witch hunt; a man hunt; for Arthur Everman. The Cabal, with GPS, scouring the planet. Searching for him. Imperative to kill him,

immediately, on sight. Lying to the UN Secretary General, protecting Art, they actually want … to kill him.

Lying to the @UN’s @antonioguterres, Antonio didn’t know that President Vladimir Putin, o/b/o the Cabal, only agreed not to kill Art immediately

because they hadn’t killed him already. On a man hunts in which hunts, African and European Unions, run safety.

Time to act against the cabal. Time to oppose. Marching and/or tweeting, in opposition. One tweet tags up to fifty decision makers.

What better way to make your opinion, matter? In lieu of more traditional, revolutionary, remonstrations, tweet, on Twitter.

What better way, Urantians, to make your opinions, matter? In lieu of marching or more traditional remonstrations, revolutionary,

surreally tweet the Cabal and other decision makers, directly. It is past time for citizens to take these matters, personally.

MAYDAY 1393: SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2019

Look at that face. And the scowl, on the face. “Fear me, brown man,” it For I am Orange Man. Stand up to Putin. Now! Between today and May days’ end. Stand up too,

to Xi, Kim and Don. Mother Nature’s attacking. To aspire to all-weather plans some day, too.

Stand up to Putin. And Between today and May days’ end, stand up to Xi, Kim and Don too. Mother Nature’s attacking; her way of doing it, His Way.

An opportunity, to counterattack, to heal. Needed: Volunteers. To hack, by tweeting. Force change, right away.

Art’s a whistleblower; exposing wrongdoing. As he’s doing with his Cabal-sitting brothers: Vlad, Xi, Kim, Don and Cabal wannabe, MbS. Living

Arthur’s life has gotten risky. Wining and dining him every evening, giving way to killing him, the next, morning.

@antonioguterres: This is intolerable! Dissolve the UN and start over! Your Security Council’s Angela and Emmanuel; made irrelevant, by a known, international

Cabal of criminals. Living Arthur’s life has gotten, risky. Quite, intolerable.

The UN’s Security Council; made irrelevant by a known international Cabal of criminals. The same ones daily awaiting, the passing of a hearse.

Arthur’s. And the passing also, as a whistleblowing threat, Arthur’s, MAYDAYS. An algorithm. Destinies, in verse.

Arthur’s, MAYDAYS. An algorithm. Destinies, in verse. A panacea for Pangaea. An alternative reality. Not the surreally unreal track ye unwittingly,

traverse. Please seriously treat Arthur’s whistleblowing threat and the Cabal’s threats against Art, deadly.

Arthur’s, MAYDAYS. An algorithm. Destinies, in verse. A panacea for Pangaea. An alternative reality. Not the surreally unreal track ye traverse,

unwittingly. To reverse the toxic effect of a Don-Toxin, Arthur’s MAYDAYS. An earth-saving algorithm, in verse.


@MoveOn, Don. Go to Russia’s Siberia. There’s lots of air in Siberia. Space, too. And a humanitarian need for a hotel. Go Don, to Vladimir’s Siberia.

Ironically, no one knows the effect of tweeting, simultaneously, to Vladimir, @Pravitelstvo_RF, in Russia.

LOOK AT THAT FACE! The power behind that face is Vladimir Putin, @Pravitelstvo_RF. Not Melania. And this is, President Vlad Putin, irregular,

in your face, warfare. Not your father’s warfare. No one knows the effect of, synchronized, tweeting, on Twitter.

The power behind Don, for the moment, historically, is Russian Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, @Pravitelstvo_RF. A reality geopolitical; readying

for battle, with one another. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. She brings battle, to an outmanned, ye.

The powers behind The Don, for the moment are, President Vladimir Putin, @Pravitelstvo_RF. Kim, @uriminzok. And President Xi Jing Ping, @xijingping

as we ready for battle with one another, Mother Nature is planning her international, ‘surprise’, attacking.

As we ready for battle with one another Mother Nature’s planning international, surprise, attacking. As is our wont, we won’t be, ready. Tweet Putin,

@Pravitelstvo_RF. Kim, @uriminzok. And President Xi Jin Ping, @xijingping. Are we men? Stand up, to Putin!

Are we men? Or are we sheep? Or just stupidly sheepish men who won’t look bullies in their eyes and call them out. Stand up, to Putin! Mother Nature plans on

an international surprise, attacking. And as is our wont, we won’t have our all-weather, pants on.

@AOC @GretaThunberg: To stand a chance of resisting Mother Nature, know that now is the time to stand up to Putin. Now! Between today and May days’

end. Stand up too, to Xi, Kim and Don. Mother Nature’s attacking. To aspire to, all-weather plans, some day.

MAYDAY 1391: FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2019

The ‘Trump Baby’ blimp will be in London in June. The President too. If he goes. Announced by Buckingham Palace, yesterday and already,

lawmakers have signed on to revoke Don’s invitation, to share precious air space with London’s, Trump blimp, baby.

Already sixty lawmakers have signed on to a motion before the Parliament to revoke Don’s invitation to visit then. To share precious air space with London’s,

Trump blimp baby. The ‘Trump Baby’ blimp will be in London in June. Don too. If he goes to London.

The ‘Trump Baby’ blimp will be in London in June. President Donald Trump too. If, he goes. Already sixty MPs have signed on to a Parliamentary

motion, revoking the invitation. Saving air space for Trump blimp baby. He guards his air space, very, jealously.

Trump baby’s Brits think Don ought visit Russia. Welcome there he may be. Not here. Get thee gone from here Don. Already sixty have signed a motion

revoking the invitation. To save precious air space in London in June, go to some other country. Not England.

Because two Dons won’t peacefully fit in London‘s air space in June Don, go to another country. Not Britain. Trump baby’s Brits think Don may visit Russia.

Welcome there he may be. Already sixty have signed on to revoking the invitation. Go Don, to Russia.

Go to Russia. Because two Dons won’t fit peacefully in London‘s limited air space, go elsewhere. Not Britain. Baby Trump’s Brits think, ironically, Russia,

may be a good fit. There’s lots of air in Siberia. In need of a hotel there? Go Don, to Siberia.


Who on the cabal is sleeping with whom is all very titillating, but not, critical. Art has been very critical of us. Critical of our illustrious, cabal.

So it is critical, that we kill him. The one man on Earth, most potentially, troubling, and, critical.

Saudi Arabia (the Crown Prince really) executed 37 people for terror related activities, today. An ambitious man is Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

The official extremist, that liquified, Khashoggi. Committed to eradicating, all extremists. All, but one.

Committed to eradicating, save but himself, all extremists, is Mohammad. The official state extremist, is he. He’s the one that had Jamal Khashoggi

liquified. A fine criminal. And a fine applicant for a cabal seat if a Gang of Four, a Gang of Five, may be.

@KingSalman: MbS; the Crown Prince; elevation of him to Crown Prince; an official mistake. Khashoggi he had assaulted, assassinated and evilly,

liquified. Now applicant for a cabal seat. If a Gang of Four a Gang of Five becomes, in, an alternative, reality.

In yet another, dramatic, plot twist, Don met, just hours ago, with Twitter CEO @Jack. Complaining about his follower count. Bribing

him. Offering to him; refraining from regulation of the social media industry in consideration for Arthur’s, shadow banning

@Jack: “Shadow ban Art. In consideration for limiting Art’s outreach on Twitter Donald The Great promises to refrain from regulation of the social media

industry. With that blanket promise and pardons I cover thee. Art’s, a liar. Says he is from, Urantia.”

@Jack: “Shadow ban Art. In consideration for limiting Art’s outreach on Twitter, Donald The Great, promises to refrain from social media industry,

regulation. A blanket promise. Pardons, also, may cover thee. Art’s a liar. Says he is from Urantia. Really.”


Wield ever the pen as a shield. In defense, of self. But a pen, moreover, may be weaponized. For a pen or tab, so weaponized, may tweet, industrially,

not propaganda, but genuine, opinion. Well measured, metered, poetry. Nothing emotes, quite like, poetry.

Pen (Penemue) said to Art, “Nothing emotes, quite like, poetry. Well measured, metered, poetry. Wield the pen as a shield. In defense, of self. Be sure neither pen

nor tweet, to weaponize with anything other, than opinion, genuine.” So said to Arthur, Pen.

“Pursuant to the Golden Rule no pen nor tab may be used to weaponize any word. Self-defense excepted, load not any tweet, with other than opinion,

genuine and like, commentary. Nothing emotes, quite like, poetry. Well metered, poetry.”

Impeach Trump? What are the odds? Consult with your bookie. Or call, Las Vegas. Arthur, verily, is from the future. But Arthur traveled to the past, to

get here. Here on Urantia (Earth). In the present. Knowing not, at all, the future. Like all of ye, too.

Art knows not, the future. Just like everybody. Except the futures he’s from. And other pasts. And other futures, he’s been. Impeach President

Trump? What are the odds? Consult with a bookie. Or call Las Vegas. Get good odds on the axing, of the President.

What’s happening? With all this summitry? What’s happening indeed? Kim Jong Un may, in April, visit a Russian ship during Putin’s summit with him.

On Putin’s agenda; three or four items: Kim; Don; Art and Don’s extra-marital relationship with Kim.

On Putin’s agenda; three or four items: Kim; Don; Art and Don’s extra-marital relationship with Kim. What’s happening with all this summitry, now?

What’s happening, behind the scenes? Behind closed doors. Not even their intertwined, shadows, know.

MAYDAY 1388: TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2019

Worried are some about capitalism. Worry. Something the rich do, really, well. In common with the rest of us. We worry not enough of governance of US.

Nor, Republican, capitalism. The Dems’ secret weapons: Socialism. Communism. Vote for them. Screw … US.

We worry well, we Earthlings. Urantians, really. Not in common, with more properly, evolving, civilizations, elsewhere. We worry on lot of things,

albeit not many, right, things. Focus not on conservatism and liberalism, but wrong things, and right things.

A tale of two men. The blackmailing extorter of his brothers. The amoral liquififier of Jamal Khashoggi. Two, ahem, businessmen. One, really,

surreally, an apprentice dictator, in a nominal, democracy. The other, a dictator in his own royal right, already.

On the cabal, now sit. Vlad, Xi, Kim and Don. A fifth man, bin Salman wants to be the a fifth, big wheel. Salman’s an oil man. Awash, in cash. Really dirty.

He has a proposal, to be installed, stalled, before, the four. To be heard in June, perhaps, maybe.

Pray. And tell. And shout it from the mountaintops: Pray April’s showers shower upon May’s flowers, demands. Demands for earth, water and sun.

Surreally, some ingrate children; to the bricks, cement and educations offered, counteroffers, to reeducate them.

Let us pray. Pray and tell. And shout out from atop the mountaintops, a version of Voltaire’s Prayer: “Lord, please protect me from my friends.

Amen. I’ll take care, of enemies.” Amen. Ere June, may May, empower demands for food, earth, water … and sun. Amen.

Let us pray. Pray and tell. And shout out from atop the mountaintops, a version of Voltaire’s Prayer: “Lord, please protect me from friends. Amen.

I’ll take care, of enemies.” Amen. Ere June, may May, empower, demands for food, earth, water and sun. Amen.

MAYDAY 1387: MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019

Listening slack jawed to a but nominal brother, rip and demean every person and institution on planet Earth, Arthur needs MAYDAYS’ Kim-Don Plan

to get the protection the EU now offers, to whistleblowers. Protection, needs Art. A plan, beyond, that Plan.

To stay alive possibly. To stay out of prison, certainly. Don needs a plan within a plan within a plan. Three plans, needs the Don. An alpha-numerical,

algorithm, Twitter, is one. The physical, Plan Kim-Don and MAYDAYS’, panacea, for Pangaea, metaphysical.

Plots thicken. And twist. Like one placing an Arab on the cusp of a seat at a cabal’s head table. Riyadh. President Don’s inaugural foray, Saudi.

To add Saudi Arabia. To moot France and Germany. Kim’s in. A-waiting’s bin Salman. Waiting for him, Khashoggi.

Remember Jamal Khashoggi ye defiler of Islam, Mr. Crown Prince? Plots thicken. And twist. One has an Arab bidding for a seat on the cabal. Kim’s in.

France and Germany are out. And a thing had Jamal, LIQUEFIED! In big trouble with Allah, bin Salman, is in!

MAYDAY 1386: SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2019

When the feds finally penned Al Capone, they got him for tax evasion, not murder. “Attack on all sides,” said Sun Tsu in soirée last night. A damning

report by Bob Mueller. MAYDAYS. A self-help, book, by Art. And lots, of investigations … incriminating.

In soirée last night Don addressed us, saying, “‘Tis over. A 2-year witch hunt, over. They never found her. I’m a ‘him’, anyway. Time to turn the tables on

them Dems. But I may yet, resign. To rebrand, myself. Commit to noble … Truth and Reconciliation.”

Slack jawed. Slack were the jaws of those listening ere they hit the floor with thuds, in near unison. In a tweet, he’d crowed victory, sworn revenge,

announced his retirement and seemingly signaled, in a ‘rebranding’, some forthcoming brand new challenge.

“New challenges,” Don went on, “beckon me. Joining @AOC, @GretaThunberg and @davidhogg111.
Championing really green new deals and climate change appeals.

Combating gun violence. Planning migrant flows. Codifying, immigration. Only I, can do it, for real.”

“New challenges, beckon, to me. Only I can do it, really,” President Don, went on; nonplussed, seemingly, by the jumping

of the jaws. Better jumping jaws, than jumping walls,” The Don quipped. And he paused. For applause. And there was, a stony, silencing.

Needing an application for whistleblower protection, is Arthur. For on this soirée night, fateful, a fateful, error. An audience surprised to see one

another in one anothers’ dreams; the living leaders of the nations. Art knows: He needs … EU protection.

Art Everman needs the protection the European Union now offers to whistleblowers, from the EU. Needing an application for protection, is Arthur.

On this fateful evening, a fateful, error. Leaders of nations, listening slack jawed, to a nominal … brother.