MAYDAY 1387: MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019

Listening slack jawed to a but nominal brother, rip and demean every person and institution on planet Earth, Arthur needs MAYDAYS’ Kim-Don Plan

to get the protection the EU now offers, to whistleblowers. Protection, needs Art. A plan, beyond, that Plan.

To stay alive possibly. To stay out of prison, certainly. Don needs a plan within a plan within a plan. Three plans, needs the Don. An alpha-numerical,

algorithm, Twitter, is one. The physical, Plan Kim-Don and MAYDAYS’, panacea, for Pangaea, metaphysical.

Plots thicken. And twist. Like one placing an Arab on the cusp of a seat at a cabal’s head table. Riyadh. President Don’s inaugural foray, Saudi.

To add Saudi Arabia. To moot France and Germany. Kim’s in. A-waiting’s bin Salman. Waiting for him, Khashoggi.

Remember Jamal Khashoggi ye defiler of Islam, Mr. Crown Prince? Plots thicken. And twist. One has an Arab bidding for a seat on the cabal. Kim’s in.

France and Germany are out. And a thing had Jamal, LIQUEFIED! In big trouble with Allah, bin Salman, is in!

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