@MoveOn, Don. Go to Russia’s Siberia. There’s lots of air in Siberia. Space, too. And a humanitarian need for a hotel. Go Don, to Vladimir’s Siberia.

Ironically, no one knows the effect of tweeting, simultaneously, to Vladimir, @Pravitelstvo_RF, in Russia.

LOOK AT THAT FACE! The power behind that face is Vladimir Putin, @Pravitelstvo_RF. Not Melania. And this is, President Vlad Putin, irregular,

in your face, warfare. Not your father’s warfare. No one knows the effect of, synchronized, tweeting, on Twitter.

The power behind Don, for the moment, historically, is Russian Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, @Pravitelstvo_RF. A reality geopolitical; readying

for battle, with one another. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. She brings battle, to an outmanned, ye.

The powers behind The Don, for the moment are, President Vladimir Putin, @Pravitelstvo_RF. Kim, @uriminzok. And President Xi Jing Ping, @xijingping

as we ready for battle with one another, Mother Nature is planning her international, ‘surprise’, attacking.

As we ready for battle with one another Mother Nature’s planning international, surprise, attacking. As is our wont, we won’t be, ready. Tweet Putin,

@Pravitelstvo_RF. Kim, @uriminzok. And President Xi Jin Ping, @xijingping. Are we men? Stand up, to Putin!

Are we men? Or are we sheep? Or just stupidly sheepish men who won’t look bullies in their eyes and call them out. Stand up, to Putin! Mother Nature plans on

an international surprise, attacking. And as is our wont, we won’t have our all-weather, pants on.

@AOC @GretaThunberg: To stand a chance of resisting Mother Nature, know that now is the time to stand up to Putin. Now! Between today and May days’

end. Stand up too, to Xi, Kim and Don. Mother Nature’s attacking. To aspire to, all-weather plans, some day.

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