MAYDAY 1394: MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2019

As of Sunday, 1,393 MAYDAYS have come and gone since Don descended, as if from Heaven, to make America, great again. An alternative reality,

seemingly, surreal. God willing, there’s a real, alternative. An alternative to this surreal, as if unreal, reality.

There is a real alternative to this new surreality. Vladimir’s cabal members and MbS, the member, wannabe, have agreed to defer, on immediately

assassinating Arthur, a favor granted by Vladimir, at the behest of @antonioguterres, the UN, General Secretary.

On the heels of a witch hunt, a man hunt, for Arthur Everman. The Cabal, scouring a planet. Searching for Art. Imperative to time-dishonored, disorder’s,

status quos. It matters not that the Cabal agreed to defer on assassinating the whistleblowing Arthur.

On the heels of a witch hunt; a man hunt; for Arthur Everman. The Cabal, with GPS, scouring the planet. Searching for him. Imperative to kill him,

immediately, on sight. Lying to the UN Secretary General, protecting Art, they actually want … to kill him.

Lying to the @UN’s @antonioguterres, Antonio didn’t know that President Vladimir Putin, o/b/o the Cabal, only agreed not to kill Art immediately

because they hadn’t killed him already. On a man hunts in which hunts, African and European Unions, run safety.

Time to act against the cabal. Time to oppose. Marching and/or tweeting, in opposition. One tweet tags up to fifty decision makers.

What better way to make your opinion, matter? In lieu of more traditional, revolutionary, remonstrations, tweet, on Twitter.

What better way, Urantians, to make your opinions, matter? In lieu of marching or more traditional remonstrations, revolutionary,

surreally tweet the Cabal and other decision makers, directly. It is past time for citizens to take these matters, personally.

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