“I want to meet not only my accuser, who presented SECOND & THIRD HAND INFORMATION but also the person who illegally gave this

information to the Whistleblower. Was this person SPYING on the US President? Big Consequences!” Public — obstruction — is this!

The Don is gonna tweet himself right to prison. Witness the whistleblower’s lawyers’ concern for their client’s safety. President Donald and his allies

have sought to discredit the complaint; and the complainant. But Don ought have left it, to his, allies.

Don ought to have left it to, allies. Witness thoughtlessness, impulsiveness and cluelessness, in general, without parallel. And his

recklessness in seeking to personally discredit the whistleblower, is a big problem for Vladimir Putin. It is, what, it is.

The plot thickens. Washington would need Russian consent to publish transcripts of phone calls between US President Donald and his Russian

counterpart, Vladimir. Congress begs to differ. Congress must listen in on talks, between Donald … and the Russian.

The White House is trying to discover the identity of a whistle-blower whose anonymity is protected by law. A brazen move for a president

under scrutiny for obstructions of justice and abuses of power. To subject him or her to retribution by the president.

The White House is trying to out the identity of a whistle-blower whose anonymity is protected, by law. A brazen act, given the president’s

investigations, ongoing; for obstructions; and abuses. His tweets are become roadmaps, to impeaching, the president.

A lot has happened since The Donald’s descent on an escalator on the first MAYDAY, 1,542 long days ago. Seemingly surreally so. Actually,

starkly real, for the many he’s taking down, with him. Not just Jamal’s killer. The evidence is recorded top-secretly. Very, surreptitiously.



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