Extraordinarily, State’s inspector general himself requested this day, tomorrow (Wednesday), time for an “urgent” briefing on the Ukraine

matter to congressional staffers; on documents obtained from State’s lawyers related … to State … and … Ukraine.

The State Department’s inspector general is expected to give an “urgent” briefing to staffers from several House and Senate committees on Ukraine

Wednesday about documents obtained from State’s Legal Adviser related to the Department of State, and Ukraine.

What is it with Don? Is it America first? Or is it as the evidence suggests that it’s always been about him. He may survive even this auto-

immune attack upon himself; but the existential risk for Don beyond impeachment is of Alcatraz, a facsimile … redo.

In sheer desperation Don has escalated his rhetoric against the anonymous whistleblower calling him — or her — a “fake whistleblower”

and saying that he’s actively trying to figure out their identity, which could put the whistleblower’s life … in danger.

Send them back. To wherever; to wherever they came from. And build an electrified wall along the border. Black. And spiked. And steely.

Imposing. With moats stocked with gators or snakes. Shoot them in their legs, Don says. Let’s impeach him retroactively.

The GOP wants it short. And sweet. And anti-climactic. Senate Republicans yet scoff at the idea of impeaching in the House, much less,

convicting, in the Senate. But damning information ever emerges from an increasingly off-white, White House, nonetheless.

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