A hotel mystery: Giant reservations; filled by, empty rooms. Thank God for the wisdom of the forefathers’ emoluments clause. Wisdom,

ironically, is far more important in human relations than the often — fake — dis-information, passing … for, information.

Pelosi is weighing narrowing the House inquiry to Don’s Ukraine call against including other issues. Those could include The Don’s illegally

making money off his presidency; and obstruction of justice issues, from special counsel Robert Mueller’s, inquiry.

Articles of impeachment too narrow purposely miss the target. Indeed; focus on the slam dunk that ought be, Ukraine — but include — other,

bullet-pointed issues. Like corruption and obstruction of justice. From the investigation of special counsel Mueller.

The latest standoff unfolds as lawmakers were put on notice yesterday that they may soon have, new evidence — related to State

— and Ukraine; a plot twist that may add crucial information to their investigation. To get to the bottom of Donald’s Deep State.

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