The 9-page complaint released just ahead of the testimony to House investigators of Joseph Maguire, the acting (one — of the President’s

— many men), director of national intelligence. His testimony may well be extraordinarily impeaching, of the President.

@VP: This is what happens when the law enforcement officials who are charged with defending our country become overseen by a president,

evidently, unfit. Ye know — Mike — ye have a special duty; and power in the 25th, to find unfit, this unruly, President.

The president’s loyal apologists. An impeachment net has snared The Don’s top advisers. But loyalty isn’t reciprocal, necessarily. Witness when

impeachment looms, the president tosses his No. 2 to the wolves in a reverse show of loyalty … to him.
cc: @VP

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice, to deceive. Webmasters, in that sense, are we all; everyone of us.

But some of us webmasters are more masterful, than others. Witness our lying president, the president, not for long … of all of us.

Nervous, the Kremlin on Friday expressed its hope that Washington would not release confidential details of phone calls between Russian

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his overly talkative counterpart, Donald John Trump, the President, American.

Curious seems to Arthur the nervousness, of the Kremlin; in its expression of hope that Washington not spill the details of calls,

treasonous between Vlad


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