Republicans in the Senate control Don’s fate. Should the House of Representatives, led by Democrats, vote to impeach the President,

thereafter, the Senate would conduct a trial that would decide whether removed from office, or not, shall be, the President.

Should Representatives in the House vote to impeach Don, the Senate — barring the revelation of even more, lurking, scandals — would likely, acquit him.

And it would be just like them party-first Republicans — to an incompetently unfit, President — acquit.

In New York for the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly and seemingly surreally, simultaneously, in Washington,

President Don yesterday starred in a split-screen spectacle; playing the statesman while fighting his enemies, in Washington.

The rapidly-escalating confrontation between the White House and Congress comes just months after The Donald’s Mueller investigation.

Now he’s back in the crosshairs of a resurgent Democratic impeachment effort over fresh and straight forward, allegations.

Because the inspector general has found the underlying whistleblower complaint credible and an URGENT concern, it’s galvanized Democrats

into pressing their advantage. Striking while the iron is hot are the newly galvanized, and the reenergized, Democrats.

The acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he could not speak freely, before Congress; the White House may,

illegally, attempt to force him to stonewall Congress, when he testifies before it tomorrow on make-or-break, Thursday.

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