@scotus: Ultimately, we are a government of men and not laws. The law has no force without people willing to enforce it; the ball, squarely

now, is in the court of its Republican Senators. And in the court of President Don’s Supreme Court insurance policy.

An already simmering plot inexorably, thickens. Rich in irony is the tell-all that’s Vladimir’s Cabal’s, as well. And Arthur’s, too. A ball, surreally,

ironically, only seemingly is in the hands of Congress. It’s in the hands, of the Supreme Court, really.

Loose lips — sink — ships. In a supreme irony, a collective planetary destiny may lie in the hands of Don’s Supreme Court, insurance policy.

Richly ironic is MAYDAYS. An epic tale by the Cabal and Art. Kavanaugh sleeps tonight, if at all … most fitfully.


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