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Arthur Everman, , is on an implausible mission; writing, in

nonfiction, algorithmic letters to the nations, in .

Once upon a time One asked in a dream one to write alongside critter pals in

nonfiction, a poem to every Pangean nation, in .

“What ten words do you, to humanity, bequeath?” An odd question, in nonfiction,

and surreal inception to transformation, in .

“Write it and they will come.” Tweets become epigrams, of and to the nations in

 became, AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC, in nonfiction.

God -ed a gaggle of intergalactics to save humanity in

from a fate written in only, seemingly incredible, nonfiction.

Earthmen (ye of the Big Three and all the rest of ye): Learn well, in nonfiction,

that mysteries and answers come in 3s, in .

Jews, Christians and Muslims: Mysteries and answers come in mystic threes; in

nonfiction, wisdom, lies beyond knowledge, in .


There’s untold power in behavior modification; just ask nonfiction’s

on using cutting-edge neuroscience … in .

Behavior mod works well in individuals, sociological basis for the phenomenon

we know in  as acculturation. cc: .

Behavior mod works well in individuals; on a higher level, it may work, in nonfiction,

for the nations in . cc:

Behavior mod; imperative, because conflict on Earth is in nonfiction, but common …

domestic violence in . cc:

Behavior mod; alchemy, not from Philosopher’s Stones but, in nonfiction, from

God-made … minds of men in  cc:

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fiction, nonfiction and in

neuro-scientific science-fiction (NOT). cc:

Art tweets 140 character epigrams into, in surreal, nonfictional ,




In #twitterfiction, the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIS) is now IS
(Islamic State). The question now is: What in the hell is IS?

What’s happening in nonfictional #twitterfiction? An Arab Spring; a Jihadi Summer;
political, global falls … lead to … nuclear, winters.

What’s happening in nonfictional #twitterfiction is simple really, albeit,
hard to understand. All roads lead to … desolate nuclear exits.

In #twitterfiction, previews to AN ATLAS … POETIC: Poetry about history,
spirituality and eschatology, from epigrams, and a blog, unitary.

1 PAGE: #38

Prisoners for life; so are we all in our respective paradigm matrices. Only but illusorily free are we not hemmed in by razor wire, tall walls and iron bars.

It has been Scripturally written that the truth shall set ye free; but His truth is not limited to one people, much less, any one individual, save One.

This nonfictional #twitterfiction-al history of the world, The Wine and Cheese Miracles, is written (albeit in vain), because our Creator foreordained that it be written.

Predestination; so completely at odds with our illusion of free will, is nonetheless consistent with a Creator Whom knows numbers of hairs on heads, from moment, to moment.

Predestination; not new, historically speaking, but a radical, and to many a heretical doctrine, pointedly, NOT, generally accepted doctrine.

Prisoners for life; but we’re our own jailers; and we have the keys to our cells in our hands. Perhaps God inspired the Scriptures, cross-culturally, so we’d understand …

… that it’s of the utmost importance that His children aspire and struggle to overcome adversities inherent to life … after The Fall … from His Kingdom.

1 PAGE: #34

Da dreams duly sown (in fields, fallow), Art and his Crew wrote somethin’ pithy and useful #twitterfiction-ally … Dey’d ne’er starve … if da pithy … were useful.

Da odds? Astronomical; albeit slim and none summed da objective nonfictional odds, a course and #twitterfiction headings were set … Da heading … due north.

Da chances? Equally astronomical, given albeit too dat mankind (da idiot savant), has penchant and proclivity in nonfictional #twitterfiction, for inefficient development.

Dat better mouse traps had ere been built and great books had ever ere been written in nonfictional #twitterfiction left him stirred … but not shaken.

For it’s been Arthur’s overriding confidence in Da Him of whom hymns are sung dat’s given Arthur, in #twitterfiction, strength to heal humanity, albeit not himself (in nonfiction).

OR BOTH. A (wo)man’s #twitterfictional) writin’ changes dem, just as time, change, authors. Arthur’s well better than he once was, before when Arthur, became author.

BOTH ARE THE GOAL, da Holy Grail, to da (#twitterfictional) healing power of Art, doctors and educators. Too few others know. Yet others are keepin’ Kim’s Plan … under cover.

1PAGE: #32

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #1 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction; everybody fits on Mt. King’s peak, in nonfiction.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #2 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. Tutu-Mandela T and R Commissions inspired Arthur’s actions.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #3 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. You’re certifiably nuts if … you don’t (in nonfiction).

@NelsonMandela: Yer certifiably insane if you read these 140 characters and don’t become wannabe-uber-mensch, in surreal … #twitterfiction.

In yer case Mr. Mandela, ye certainly are uber-mensch material. Until one follows Art tho, one isn’t certifiably … sane (in #twitterfiction).

In dis next to last tweet of 1 PAGE: #32, 7 tweets are bundled, in #twitterfiction-al, alchemical secret, into a real-time display, of reality-literature, nonfictional.

@NelsonMandela: Da risk is not in not havin”CERTIFIED SANE’ on resume. Da risk is indeed not remotely re homo-sapiens’ resumes; risk is in not pluralizin’ dis #twitterfiction-not.

1 PAGE: # 31

In homage to an oh so misunderstood Friedrich Nietzsche: Aphorisms duly in turn pay homage to @NelsonMandela, in surreal, #twitterfiction-homage.

Blendin’ elements of da prose (for reporting-like story-tellin’), wid da more tangibly grippin’ poetry (for beautifully epic, storytellin’), in #twitterfiction.

Homage to Freddy and der uber-mensch uber alles, @NelsonMandela. Aptly: requisitioned out, ‘Zarathustra’ to WW-I Ger. troops in #twitterfiction-not.

Homage to Freddy, @NelsonMandela and ubers everywhere (da wannabes of nonfictional, reality-literature) surreally, #twitterfiction-al.

Get well soon der uber-mensch @NelsonMandela. Arthur, @chachomanopapa, may yet in #twitterfiction-al time, hug you, in nonfiction.

Consider @NelsonMandela following Art in surreal tragi-comic spectacle, wherein wannabes know not what they are, #twitterfiction-ally.

@NelsonMandela: A follow from you; pumpin’ up volume of wannabes to numbers surpassin’, not just Justin but da venerable Yao Chen in dis #twitterfiction.

1 PAGE: # 26

Muslim; Christian; Jew: My story, history, is revelatory. My Word though, is oft treated as fanciful fiction … not Truth … nonfictional.

Muslim; Christian; Jew: My story, history, is revelatory. Cain disingenuously tried to cover murdering his brother, asking Me, “Am I my brother’s … keeper?”

Muslim; Christian; Jew: Cain’s exile to wander the earth reveals to the discerning; Yes, you are, your brother’s … keeper.

Muslim; Christian; Jew: Rivalries between fathers, sons and siblings have sullied your history. Were Me you, me’d unsully the sullied with Twitter (at light speed) … rapidly.

Muslim; Christian; Jew: My story, history, is ironically revelatory. Take for example, the Semites. They include both Arabs … and Israelites.

Muslim; Christian; Jew: My story, history, is ironically revelatory. Being anti-semitic is construed as bias, not against Arabs, but only … the Jews.

Muslim; Christian; Jew: My story, history, is ironically revelatory. Almighty Me duly reminds thee. What you do to the least of thee … you do … to Me.

1 PAGE: # 19

Almighty Me … and the rest of the Heavenly Host; we all love our sit-coms (situation comedies for the unintiated) … Me decries that on Earth … for far to many … they’re rarity.

The powers that be & their proxies, BBT (Ben, Bo & Twitter), care little whether amenities available on the African continent are on par with ‘Europy’ … and ‘Amerikany’.

Me coins the term cautiously. Me loves many things American; hot dogs, apple pie & American women … Me’s just crazed … ’bout dem wimen’.

The USA tho was better when America wasn’t America (the USA), but rather what it was when, America was ‘Indian” … and ‘Indians’ were Asians.

Don’t make the trek of ‘Asians’, become ‘Indians’, become ‘Americans’ meaningless … YOU HAVE MEANING … IT’S ME AND NOT NEARLY AS WELL … YOU TOO.

YEAH … (er, Yea) Me, may be viewed as having screwed you guys up royally when Me, ye endowed with reason … forfeiting instinct … excessively.

“Trek” … a word come to you, courtesy of Boer migrations; given what’s transpired … even Mandela’s inspired … Alchemy, from nonfictional … fiction.

1 PAGE: # 18

In My reality and in twitterfiction, fiction becomes nonfictional and surreality, reality; seamlessly interchangeable … No wonder … insanity.

An insanity largely borne of (all humility aside), Godlessness … It’s what Me’s seen repeatedly repeated … since Cain slew Abel … initially.

Almighty Me wouldst ask of each and every one of thee, “Were thee Me, what wouldst thou do? Me’s done run out of patience verily … with a lot … of the lot … of you.”

Barbarousness and wickedness (thanks to My illustrious messengers over nearly forty centuries … and today’s internet) may now be … minimized … alchemically.

Yet warm-blooded reprobates yet play tag-team with cold-blooded corporate proxies, minorities, one percent … intent on ruling roosts … surreally … perpetually.

BBT (Ben, Bo & Twit, aka, Twitter); get with the program; those tweets we shared weren’t hoax (hopefully for you) … as you’d hoped … but rather … for thee … hope.

Hope for thee and the rest of the roost … for from the roost, came thee. Me fears temporally though … where you’ll spend … eternity.