1 PAGE: # 18

In My reality and in twitterfiction, fiction becomes nonfictional and surreality, reality; seamlessly interchangeable … No wonder … insanity.

An insanity largely borne of (all humility aside), Godlessness … It’s what Me’s seen repeatedly repeated … since Cain slew Abel … initially.

Almighty Me wouldst ask of each and every one of thee, “Were thee Me, what wouldst thou do? Me’s done run out of patience verily … with a lot … of the lot … of you.”

Barbarousness and wickedness (thanks to My illustrious messengers over nearly forty centuries … and today’s internet) may now be … minimized … alchemically.

Yet warm-blooded reprobates yet play tag-team with cold-blooded corporate proxies, minorities, one percent … intent on ruling roosts … surreally … perpetually.

BBT (Ben, Bo & Twit, aka, Twitter); get with the program; those tweets we shared weren’t hoax (hopefully for you) … as you’d hoped … but rather … for thee … hope.

Hope for thee and the rest of the roost … for from the roost, came thee. Me fears temporally though … where you’ll spend … eternity.

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