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EARTHLINGS: HUMOR, ART (as amended 4-10-17)

“But what’s crazy, really? After all, given all that’s at stake, isn’t it crazy for the twitter

account-bearing parties, NOT to communicate, on Twitter?”

“The Western-educated and American pop culture obsessed Kim, IS really ready to deal

with Don and Art. Last night, Kim told them, Let’s make a deal.”

“Donny says missile strikes carry a message for others. He didn’t specify brother Kim
but the context was clear. Some would be well, rid of him.”
“This is why Art knows intimately how Kim is reacting to the threats he perceives he
receives, for Donny’s reputation is as fox, crafty, and crazy.”
“And so came to commune Kim’s veteran presidency, Donny’s brand-new presidency
 and Art’s presidency of the Chachomanopapa School of Poetry.”
 new presidency and Kim’s, now veteran, presidency.”

“Now Syria, AND Korea. And if irony had a sound, its sound aught render humanity

 speechless ’til all hear Art’s soliloquy, timeless, and timely.”

“For Donald John Trump, the megalomaniacal brother of Kim Jong-un, and Arthur

Everman, in Syria, moved a hand, small, but powerful.”

“The POTUS’ hand, small for a large man, ironically may be, disproportionately large
 for a small man. And small men with power, get giddy.”
“Tweet, blog and pen alchemical algorithms to all of humanity.” Could these words
answer 12-21-12’s question? Were they, the words?
The question that Friday had been, “What ten words do ye bequeath to humanity”?
It had been an (anti) climactic Friday, apparently.
However, it was a subtly eventful galactic alignment; as befitting an event recurring
 but every 28,500 years; ever ebbing and flowing.
For it has been since precisely then when Kim Jong-un, the Donny and Art Everman,
 thunder-stricken, gather nightly, in communion.
 “China will either help us with Kim Jong un’s North Korea or they won’t,” the POTUS
 said in the Oval Office, presiding there, over US.
“If they do that’ll be good for China. If they don’t it won’t be good for anyone,” verily,
 seemingly, sinisterly, hissed shape-shifter, Donny.
The POTUS has made clear that he’d deal with Kim Jong-un with or without the help
 of Xi,’s China. He’ll warmonger,  with Bannon’s, help.

“If Xi’s China is not going to solve North Korea, then we will. That’s all I’m telling you.

Except, that is, that I’m building a wall for all to view.

The planet’s richest tongue (by word count), owes its wealth to its liberal borrowing,

from other languages, and history’s mystical, timing.

English is the Earth’s second, lingua franca. Now spoken globally, its rich vocabulary

is at home in song, psalm, prose, tweet … or poetry.

It may be there are more English-speaking Chinese, than Americans. More Chinese

than Americans may discern a twit … from a tweet.

Tweet is oft understood; but twit? Not as often. Twits are taunts. To twit is s to titter

or taunt. Hmm; why then Twitter, and not, Tweeter?

Alternatively, a twit is a silly, annoying, person, or fool. How appropriate that a twit

tweets on Twitter; a fool has fooled us, sans wit, albeit.

Why Twitter, and not Tweeter, albeit an intriguing riddle, is not the point, in debate.

The point is the twit, that has been, a tweeter of late.

The twit that tweets promises, that if he dupes the US, the American people, a wall,

he’ll build, women, he’ll cherish and books, he’ll sell.

A real tweet 09/06/15, by ‘co’-author Tony Schwartz, on his book’s real authorship:

“I wrote The Art of the Deal. Donald Trump read it.”

Don’t be so sad. Look at the bright side; for Donny’s legacy may well be the liberal

and conservative wings, of a Democratic Party, multilingual.

Be careful what you wish for US of America, for the tweeting twit is an opportunist;

and he is, in this tragi-comedy, no mere apprentice.

Indeed, what is humorous may be gravely serious; to wit, an ugly-American-in-chief

who aimed to be President, now is, the Commander-in-Chief.

What once seemed so preposterous as to be laughable is now, no laughing matter;

that notwithstanding his tweets, and his golden showers.

But fear not, US, of America; for the mutant mouth that is the Donny’s outstanding

feature promises that sooner or later, we’ll impeach him.


@RealDonaldTrump: History, prophesy and nature mitigate against humanity’s

being, in #twitterfiction, saved from … sovereign-based, countries.

@RealDonaldTrump: Thus, AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: On surrealism, fiction,

nonfiction and, in #twitterfiction, neuro-scientific, science-fiction.

@RealDonaldTrump: What needs to be read by everyone on the planet can not be,

in #twitterfiction, while bottled up in @twitter streams, surreally.

@RealDonaldTrump: What needs to be read by every (wo)man on the planet, in

#twitterfiction, has been read but by Angel Trainee, Arthur Everman.

@RealDonaldTrump: A thin veneer of civilization masks savage beasts lurking in

#twitterfiction, in the heart of every child, man, and woman.

@RealDonaldTrump: Behavior mod works well in individuals; it may work even

more dramatically, in #twitterfiction, for sovereign … nations.

@RealDonaldTrump: Behavior mod; worth trying because conflict on Earth is, in

#twitterfiction, common domestic violence …  in nonfiction.


I, @realDonaldTrump (#headhole) am an opportunist, megalomaniacal, center

of my universe. Surreally though, I have a do-gooder twin, brother.

Twin brothers are @realDonaldTrump and @chachomanopapa, each, brothers’

keeper; the former, fabulously rich, the latter … a penniless pauper.

Verily, with anarchy unfolding before us anew, I,  confess: We

aught, Arthur’s alchemical algorithm, , study.

Truly, I  have a higher calling than to POTUS be; for it is to be

to promote Art’s … alchemically, algorithmic … poetry.

Beautiful poetry I,  do testify; for, in Emily’s honor, Art’s poetry

is lyrically distilled from Akashic Records … surreally.

Beautiful poetry I,  do affirm; for in honor of Ovid, Arthur’s poetry

is distilled, lyrically from … Akashic … memories.

Beautiful poetry I,  do swear; for, in honor of Willy, Arthur’s poetry

is more beautiful even than my hair, … so pretty.


: 30K, in Alabama! Feel the power! See and hear me on .

Read not my twin brother’s take, in tragi-comic, .

: The people and the media clamor for me, in Al., on .

Disregard a twin’s opinion, on discovering alchemy, in algorithm.

: The people and the media clamor for me, in Al. on .

Read not Art, for there is surreally indeed alchemy, in algorithm.

: The people and the media clamor for me, in Al., on .

Read not, Art. Art is not to be read. Gaze rather, on hair, upon.

: The people and the media clamor for me, in Al., on .

Read not Art. Think independently … not; for hair’s, the thing.

: The people and the media clamor for me, in Al., on .

But here is the thing. Hair, thanks to me, once, again … is in.

: 30K in Alabama! Feel the power! See and hear me on .

Read not my twin brother’s take, in tragi-comic, .



Less satirical than psychoanalytical, I am  an opportunist,

megalomaniacal, extraordinaire; to a GOP, indeed, no apprentice.

@RealDonaldTrump: I’m telling my story @CNN; Art Everman’s writing his, in

#twitterfiction; a surreal, look-alike, mutant form, of fiction.

A popular, populist against a populist, unpopular. @RealDonaldTrump: That’s me,

POTUS wannabe; Art, @chachomanopapa is but, author, wannabe.

@RealDonaldTrump: I’m none other than the alter-ego of my fraternal twin brother,

angel-trainee @chachomanopapa; each, brothers’ … keepers.

Admittedly, I, @realDonaldTrump am of course, megalomaniacal. But so is he!

Art is dangerous and as I’m less so, listen then … to me.

For he, unlike me (@realDonaldTrump) is neither author nor even a very wise man.

In my humble opinion … Arthur Everman is … an evil man.

And evil is the message of AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC on behavior modification;

it is not at all applicable to nations, as it is … to persons.

6 Revelations 1 Epiphany



Day 3: Backers 0; $ 0

Day 3: Backers 0; $ 0 What, me worry? Tis best not to worry at all in nonfiction;

not too ever, worry. Rather, meditate, in #twitterfiction.

A thin veneer of civilization masks, a savage beast, lurking, in #twitterfiction,

within the heart of every, (wo)man. cc: @DisneyPixar, @CNN

History and prophesy mitigate against plurality rescuing and saving, in #twitterfiction,

a sovereign-based, humanity. cc: @DisneyPixar, @CNN

What needs to be read by everyone on the planet cannot be, in #twitterfiction,

while bottled up in @twitter, streams. cc: @DisneyPixar @CNN

What needs to be read by every man and woman on the planet, in #twitterfiction,

has been read but by, Arthur Everman. cc: @DisneyPixar @CNN

Day 3: Backers 0; $ 0 Nor aught one worry if in an end, in surreal #twitterfiction,

zeros abound. Meditate, transcendentally, in nonfiction.

Meditate. And ponder: What might actually (possibly) happen in nonfiction if we

earth-bound ever wave to Space-Lab-Men #twitterfiction-ally?


Arthur Everman, , is on an implausible mission; writing, in

nonfiction, algorithmic letters to the nations, in .

Once upon a time One asked in a dream one to write alongside critter pals in

nonfiction, a poem to every Pangean nation, in .

“What ten words do you, to humanity, bequeath?” An odd question, in nonfiction,

and surreal inception to transformation, in .

“Write it and they will come.” Tweets become epigrams, of and to the nations in

 became, AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC, in nonfiction.

God -ed a gaggle of intergalactics to save humanity in

from a fate written in only, seemingly incredible, nonfiction.

Earthmen (ye of the Big Three and all the rest of ye): Learn well, in nonfiction,

that mysteries and answers come in 3s, in .

Jews, Christians and Muslims: Mysteries and answers come in mystic threes; in

nonfiction, wisdom, lies beyond knowledge, in .


All is number, exaggerates; for power is in both number, and letter;

,   in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: on self-help for the nations; an algorithm cc:

, in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: on better balancing evolution’s devolution cc:

, in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: tribal ties weaken; human ties strengthen; cc:

, in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: Question for an (un)united @UN next tweet; cc:

, in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: When then, from devolution, evolution? cc: @

   , in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: Algorithm; self-help, for war-like nations; cc: @


More XVI

 That all is number exaggerates. There is power too, in nonfiction,

in letters; two in synergy, in surreal, .       

Meditation; not easily defined, mind you, but Art likes to think of it, in nonfiction …

as focus. cc: , in

Arthur’s focus in AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC is on an international space station

and on earth’s, surface. cc:  in

Therein is an algorithm of forbidden logic. Why not ONE government in nonfiction,

globally secular? cc: , in

And why not ONE commandment globally, civil; an already cross-cultural, Golden

Rule, near universal? cc:  in

Behavior mod works, in individuals; on a higher level, it may work, in nonfiction,

for the, nations. cc:  in

Behavior mod; imperative because conflict on Earth is in nonfiction, but common,

domestic violence. cc: , in

Behavior mod; alchemy; not from Philosopher’s Stones but in nonfiction from,

God-made minds of men. cc: , in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: On surrealism, and in fiction, a nonfictional

‘pseudo-science’, NOT. cc: @StephenHawking8, in -surreal

Art weaves 140 character ‘epigrams’ in fiction’s AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC

 cc: , -ironic

 There is power in the potential synergy of letters and numbers in

nonfiction, but it’s occult, but for, in .