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A revelation: A Jew, a Christian and a Muslim pray in the holy city of Jerusalem;

a human, schism.  

“So long as there is peace among the nations, then, Armageddon cannot be,”  in

unison, they pray.   

The three, in unison prayed on: “If peace comes then, by definition, Armageddon,

cannot ever be.”   

“Peace has never been, but it may be if ever all commune, as a unitary, human

and, Godly, family.”   

“Peace is ne’er been but yet may be, if ever humanity (one and ninety-nine), in

solidarity, rule.”   

“Hindsight’s 20-20; insight’s blind; but peace flows from timely, algorithmic action,


A word to the wise to an auto-denominated, twice-wise, homo sapiens sapiens;

Wise up … (wo)man!   


All is number, exaggerates; for power is in both number, and letter;

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