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All is number, exaggerates; for power is in both number, and letter;

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AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: on self-help for the nations; an algorithm cc:

, in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: on better balancing evolution’s devolution cc:

, in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: tribal ties weaken; human ties strengthen; cc:

, in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: Question for an (un)united @UN next tweet; cc:

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AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: When then, from devolution, evolution? cc: @

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AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: Algorithm; self-help, for war-like nations; cc: @


More XVI

 That all is number exaggerates. There is power too, in nonfiction,

in letters; two in synergy, in surreal, .       

Meditation; not easily defined, mind you, but Art likes to think of it, in nonfiction …

as focus. cc: , in

Arthur’s focus in AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC is on an international space station

and on earth’s, surface. cc:  in

Therein is an algorithm of forbidden logic. Why not ONE government in nonfiction,

globally secular? cc: , in

And why not ONE commandment globally, civil; an already cross-cultural, Golden

Rule, near universal? cc:  in

Behavior mod works, in individuals; on a higher level, it may work, in nonfiction,

for the, nations. cc:  in

Behavior mod; imperative because conflict on Earth is in nonfiction, but common,

domestic violence. cc: , in

Behavior mod; alchemy; not from Philosopher’s Stones but in nonfiction from,

God-made minds of men. cc: , in

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: On surrealism, and in fiction, a nonfictional

‘pseudo-science’, NOT. cc: @StephenHawking8, in -surreal

Art weaves 140 character ‘epigrams’ in fiction’s AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC

 cc: , -ironic

 There is power in the potential synergy of letters and numbers in

nonfiction, but it’s occult, but for, in .