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Arthur Everman, , is on an implausible mission; writing, in

nonfiction, algorithmic letters to the nations, in .

Once upon a time One asked in a dream one to write alongside critter pals in

nonfiction, a poem to every Pangean nation, in .

“What ten words do you, to humanity, bequeath?” An odd question, in nonfiction,

and surreal inception to transformation, in .

“Write it and they will come.” Tweets become epigrams, of and to the nations in

 became, AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC, in nonfiction.

God -ed a gaggle of intergalactics to save humanity in

from a fate written in only, seemingly incredible, nonfiction.

Earthmen (ye of the Big Three and all the rest of ye): Learn well, in nonfiction,

that mysteries and answers come in 3s, in .

Jews, Christians and Muslims: Mysteries and answers come in mystic threes; in

nonfiction, wisdom, lies beyond knowledge, in .