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@RealDonaldTrump: History, prophesy and nature mitigate against humanity’s

being, in #twitterfiction, saved from … sovereign-based, countries.

@RealDonaldTrump: Thus, AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: On surrealism, fiction,

nonfiction and, in #twitterfiction, neuro-scientific, science-fiction.

@RealDonaldTrump: What needs to be read by everyone on the planet can not be,

in #twitterfiction, while bottled up in @twitter streams, surreally.

@RealDonaldTrump: What needs to be read by every (wo)man on the planet, in

#twitterfiction, has been read but by Angel Trainee, Arthur Everman.

@RealDonaldTrump: A thin veneer of civilization masks savage beasts lurking in

#twitterfiction, in the heart of every child, man, and woman.

@RealDonaldTrump: Behavior mod works well in individuals; it may work even

more dramatically, in #twitterfiction, for sovereign … nations.

@RealDonaldTrump: Behavior mod; worth trying because conflict on Earth is, in

#twitterfiction, common domestic violence …  in nonfiction.


Less satirical than psychoanalytical, I am  an opportunist,

megalomaniacal, extraordinaire; to a GOP, indeed, no apprentice.

@RealDonaldTrump: I’m telling my story @CNN; Art Everman’s writing his, in

#twitterfiction; a surreal, look-alike, mutant form, of fiction.

A popular, populist against a populist, unpopular. @RealDonaldTrump: That’s me,

POTUS wannabe; Art, @chachomanopapa is but, author, wannabe.

@RealDonaldTrump: I’m none other than the alter-ego of my fraternal twin brother,

angel-trainee @chachomanopapa; each, brothers’ … keepers.

Admittedly, I, @realDonaldTrump am of course, megalomaniacal. But so is he!

Art is dangerous and as I’m less so, listen then … to me.

For he, unlike me (@realDonaldTrump) is neither author nor even a very wise man.

In my humble opinion … Arthur Everman is … an evil man.

And evil is the message of AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC on behavior modification;

it is not at all applicable to nations, as it is … to persons.


Head-hole is trending on . As everywhere, in Iowa

he trends. Elsewhere, in preparation to trend is .

Careful, what’s wished for USA. Alas, head-hole is upon US;

surreally upon US. Networks clamor:  for POTUS!

Careful what you wish, United States Of America; for a head-hole opportunist,

is, in this tragi-comedy, no mere apprentice.

Careful, what is wished for USA; alas, head-hole  is upon US.

Networks become (as if), unwitting publicists, of populists.

Careful what’s wished for, USA; alas, a head-hole  is upon US;

a popular, populist against an unknown … truly, for … us.

For the megalomaniacal one is none other than Arthur Everman’s evil twin brother.

‘s opinion: Art is the evil twin, brother.

Head-hole is trending on . As everywhere, in Iowa

he trends. Elsewhere in preparation to trend is, .


Two stents later; a new lease on life, thanks to ‘s doctors;

chest cuttin’ … miracle workers.  

Two stents later memories of reality television; Art’s heart beating on monitor,

front of him.   

Two stents later, a lasting memory of reality television. An author’s heart beats on


A heart beating on monitor and two of ‘s finest fitting extender

of life stents on ‘LIVE’, TV.  

Two stents later (from ), Arthur Everman has his new lease on

life and …  real … illusions.  

Two stents later; a life, re-leased thanks to ‘s medical extension

… of life’s … illusions.  

A new lease via  and the lessee well knows, what for; for the Lessor’s

Creator, and … Author.  

Author of a cosmic morality play is a Lessor; His lessee child, author, of a lesser

… story.   

Two stents later; physical pain so relieved, it’s gone; but metaphysical pain lingers

… yet.   

Pain lingers; so Arthur writes to the nations a la Emily and about change a la Ovid (Ovidius).


AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC: Fictional nonfiction; stardust stories, of imaginations’

… illusions.   

An important subplot; a GOP plots to silence a loose, mutant cannon, a vast chasm,

of a head.    

And so, Arthur Everman’s AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC; a primer to the nations, on

behavior … mod.   

A post script to  about ‘s space-timely intervention.

USA needs, a la Kennedy’s dream, a space-timely, vision.


Two stents later, a new lease on life; an Almighty Creator’s medical extension

of life’s, surreal, illusions.  

A new lease on life; and the lessee well knows, what for; for the lessor is Creator

… and Author.  

Author of this panoramically cosmic morality play, is the lessor of His lessee; author

child … of stardust.  

In fictional nonfiction (AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC) we are all stardust stories; illusion …

and … imagination.  

And so it’s back to politics; back to that constant of histories past, present and future;

back to His story.  

A story’s important subplot; a GOP plots; to silence a very loose, mutant cannon,

a vast, hole … of a head.  

And so, life-long democrat Arthur Everman’s AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC; a primer,

on … behavior … modification.  

On Why God Revises His Story

 Anyone asking oneself, “Who and what for, am I?” is philosopher

and … in surreal, nonfiction … one’s brothers’ … keeper.

 Judaism’s six hundred thirteen laws have proven to be too numerous …

and their effect …  in, nonfiction … too onerous.

Christianity’s Ten Commandments prove too, that a marked reduction

in laws need not … more wisdom, bring … to, fruition.

Islam’s Five Commandments (haraam) govern over the morality

of human action …. Apparently, five may be, four … too many.

: Why not study then a global secular government, with freedom of religion

and but, a single, commandment … as foundation?

: That Commandment may be the singularly cross-cultural Golden

Rule: Do unto others as ye’d have be done unto ye … by them.

: “I am Lord Allah to my Muslim children, Yahweh, to my Jewish

children and God, Jehovah, to my Christian children. Kapish?”

: “And, lest I forget; I am Vishnu too. Kapish? Take from Art Everman,

my angel-in-training, the blessing of, simplification.

: if the Creator, on occasion, revises His short story (history), it may be

’cause pen and plan make editing as easy as, ABC.

To Indians and Pakistanis: On the Labels that Rend Divisively and Humanity’s … End

Prisoners for life; so are we all in our respective paradigm matrices. Only
but illusorily free are we not hemmed in by razor wire, tall walls and bars … irony.
It has been written that the truth shall set us free; but His truth is not limited to one
people … much less … any one individual … save One.

A fictional/nonfictional history of the world, AN ATLAS, POETIC has been written
(albeit, perhaps, in vain), because our Creator foreordained … that it be … written.
Predestination; so completely at odds with our illusion of free will … is consistent
with a Creator knowing the numbers of hairs on heads, from moment to moment.

Predestination; historically speaking, a radical, and to many, a heretical doctrine,
pointedly … NOT … generally accepted … doctrine.
Prisoners for life; but we’re our own jailers and we have keys to our cells, in hand.
Perhaps God inspired the Scriptures, cross-culturally … so we might understand.

It is of the utmost importance that His children aspire and struggle to overcome
the adversities … inherent to life … after The Fall … from His Kingdom.
Time and change; one, a fourth dimension, the other, a dimensionless
ebb and flow; both … purposeful dimensions … but formless.

Once upon times, a dreamy One asked, in dreamy slumbers, one (wo)man
from every land to pen a poem to … every nation.
The compendium is “AN ATLAS … POETIC”…. It languishes, in
the memory of Art Everman’s laptop … read by no one … but … Everman.

AN ATLAS, POETIC… a compendium … of heartfelt pleas,
for Mandela-Tutu-like, global truth and reconciliation, please.
In this surreal nonfiction, what needs to be read by every human (every man,
woman and child on the planet), has been read only by … Arthur … Everman.

In this surreal nonfiction, AN ATLAS … POETIC … is poetry … about history,
sociology and eschatology; irony in verse for the nations and the territories;
irony in history and prophesy in verse for nations and territories; a call to action;
to become not Indian, Pakistani, American, or Russian but rather … Bohemian.

An existential riddle: Spiritualities diverse aside, isn’t our common denominator
actually our humanity and not … surreally … any base … nationality?
In this surreal nonfiction … what is the common thread in the fabric
for His creation? Isn’t it the totality … of His creation … cosmic?

Diverse spiritualities aside, the quintessence of unfathomability
is His purpose and our purpose.
But were we to abnegate nationality and exalt humanity,
wouldn’t we accomplish … His purpose?

#Twitterfiction: Come to @chachomanopapa on Twitter and a surreal analog,
chachomanopapa.wordpress.com. Poetry on history, from tweets and a blog.
Read excerpts from AN ATLAS … POETIC of India and Pakistan and a prologue
of what ne’er shall be written by any man … humanity’s … epilogue.

On ‘Mom’ … aka … Mother Earth (III)

Our planet; “Mom”, you might call her, needs that the denizens she selflessly
supports atop her back and cling precariously
from her every surface, shit or get off the pot! Her selfish stewards thanklessly
aid and abet that … from Mom … stolen, be … her bounty.

No, we haven’t lived up to our part of the bargain; worse yet, we’re dangerously
unaware of the bargain’s existence; and what’s even
worse; what passes for the education of Mom’s latest legatees is but an unholy
pot-luck … instilling all too little … of precious … acumen.

Arthur Everman is a wannabe. While no seer, prophet nor surely, an intellectual,
he’s been a keen observer and learned enough to know
to trust man sparingly, to trust God absolutely and to read … writings on the walls.
It is absolutely vital … that we all … aspire … to do so.

It is vital that we all aspire to do so; trusting God absolutely, men sparingly,
reading between the lines of the writings on the walls and so wanting to be
a steward of Mom’s bounty and brother and sister to our cousins that we
become pioneering visionaries …abnegating nationality … in favor of … humanity.


Time and change; one, a fourth dimension, the other, a dimensionless
ebb and flow; both, in #twitterfiction, purposeful … but formless.

Once upon a time, in #twitterfiction, a dreamy being asked, in a dream, one
(wo)man from every land to pen a poem to … every nation.

The compendium (in #twitterfiction, “AN ATLAS … POETIC”), languishes, in
the memory of Art Everman’s laptop, read by no one … but Everman.

In #twitterfiction, AN ATLAS … POETIC; a compendium of heartfelt pleas,
for Mandela-Tutu-like, global truth and … reconciliation, please.

In #twitterfiction, what needs to be read by every human (every man, woman
and child on the planet), has been read only by … Arthur Everman.

In #twitterfiction, AN ATLAS … POETIC; poetry about history, sociology
and eschatology; irony in verse for each nation … and territory.

Irony in verse, for each nation and territory. That is what is in #twitterfiction,
AN ATLAS POETIC; a call to action to … become Bohemian.

#Twitterfiction: Follow @chachomanopapa on Twitter and its surreal analog,
chachomanopapa.wordpress.com; historic poetry from tweets and … a blog.