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On Why God Revises His Story

 Anyone asking oneself, “Who and what for, am I?” is philosopher

and … in surreal, nonfiction … one’s brothers’ … keeper.

 Judaism’s six hundred thirteen laws have proven to be too numerous …

and their effect …  in, nonfiction … too onerous.

Christianity’s Ten Commandments prove too, that a marked reduction

in laws need not … more wisdom, bring … to, fruition.

Islam’s Five Commandments (haraam) govern over the morality

of human action …. Apparently, five may be, four … too many.

: Why not study then a global secular government, with freedom of religion

and but, a single, commandment … as foundation?

: That Commandment may be the singularly cross-cultural Golden

Rule: Do unto others as ye’d have be done unto ye … by them.

: “I am Lord Allah to my Muslim children, Yahweh, to my Jewish

children and God, Jehovah, to my Christian children. Kapish?”

: “And, lest I forget; I am Vishnu too. Kapish? Take from Art Everman,

my angel-in-training, the blessing of, simplification.

: if the Creator, on occasion, revises His short story (history), it may be

’cause pen and plan make editing as easy as, ABC.