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Anyone who’s ever been anyone and asked oneself in , bigger

questions, is by definition a potential, visionary, philosopher.

Anyone who’s asked oneself, “Who, and what for, am I?” is, therefore, a potential,

visionary, philosopher, in dreams … -al.

Anyone asking of oneself, “Who and what for am I?” is more than nominally,

philosopher and in , a global citizen, ‘wannabe’.

Anyone asking of oneself, “Who and what for, am I?” is beyond nominally, a philosopher,

and, in , one’s brothers’ … keeper.

Anyone asking of oneself, “Who and what for, am I?” is more than nominally,

philosopher; in , keeper, of one’s … brothers’.

Anyone asking such big questions identifies her or himself as a potential #twitterfiction-al,

visionary … keeper … of one’s … brothers’.

Anyone’s near everyone in the -ally wacky world of His story, history,

and that makes, of everyone, brothers’ keepers, truly.






On ‘Mom’ … aka … Mother Earth (III)

Our planet; “Mom”, you might call her, needs that the denizens she selflessly
supports atop her back and cling precariously
from her every surface, shit or get off the pot! Her selfish stewards thanklessly
aid and abet that … from Mom … stolen, be … her bounty.

No, we haven’t lived up to our part of the bargain; worse yet, we’re dangerously
unaware of the bargain’s existence; and what’s even
worse; what passes for the education of Mom’s latest legatees is but an unholy
pot-luck … instilling all too little … of precious … acumen.

Arthur Everman is a wannabe. While no seer, prophet nor surely, an intellectual,
he’s been a keen observer and learned enough to know
to trust man sparingly, to trust God absolutely and to read … writings on the walls.
It is absolutely vital … that we all … aspire … to do so.

It is vital that we all aspire to do so; trusting God absolutely, men sparingly,
reading between the lines of the writings on the walls and so wanting to be
a steward of Mom’s bounty and brother and sister to our cousins that we
become pioneering visionaries …abnegating nationality … in favor of … humanity.

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@NelsonMandela: Good reason #1 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction; everybody fits on Mt. King’s peak, in nonfiction.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #2 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. Tutu-Mandela T and R Commissions inspired Arthur’s actions.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #3 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. You’re certifiably nuts if … you don’t (in nonfiction).

@NelsonMandela: Yer certifiably insane if you read these 140 characters and don’t become wannabe-uber-mensch, in surreal … #twitterfiction.

In yer case Mr. Mandela, ye certainly are uber-mensch material. Until one follows Art tho, one isn’t certifiably … sane (in #twitterfiction).

In dis next to last tweet of 1 PAGE: #32, 7 tweets are bundled, in #twitterfiction-al, alchemical secret, into a real-time display, of reality-literature, nonfictional.

@NelsonMandela: Da risk is not in not havin”CERTIFIED SANE’ on resume. Da risk is indeed not remotely re homo-sapiens’ resumes; risk is in not pluralizin’ dis #twitterfiction-not.