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7 Mo’ Tweets

Who runs?    or someone whose surname may

in space-time rhyme with , in tomorrows’, todays?

Letters    or maybe someone else (with a vision)

whose name rhymes with one … progressive … .

Letters or even some other then;

one with vision, and whose name rhymes with Rules, Golden.

Letters ; Arthur Everman, Angel-Trainee

writes with a heart in his mouth and a tongue … in his cheek.

Letters ; Arthur Everman, Angel-Trainee

writes with an angst, as if born of black humor, so ironically.

Letters ; Angel-Trainee Arthur Everman

with angst writes to counter cognitive dissonance, humorously.

Letters ; Angel-Trainee Arthur Everman

with humor has written AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC, to nations.


WANTED: A logically factual explanation for the startling enigma that, in #twitterfiction,

are Lines of Nazca, et al. cc: @DisneyPixar, @CNN

WANTED: To ; to tell difficult stories, whether in   or in  nonfiction

… its evil twin. cc:

WANTED: To #GoThere; to tell difficult stories whether in #twitterfiction or in nonfiction,

its devilish twin. cc: @google @DisneyPixar @CNN

WANTED: Looking for a gig that better accommodates my writing, in #twitterfiction;

see and treat my tweets, as resume. cc: @DisneyPixar @CNN

WANTED: A gig that better accommodates my writing; treat my tweets, in #twitterfiction,

as 140 character … resumes. cc: @DisneyPixar, @CNN

God’s not our Creator only; He is too, the Creator of all life to a good Earth in ‘s

nonfiction, alien. cc:  

WANTED? Work  for Ovidians with a penchant for writing in 

epigrammatic 140 character stories. cc:  

1PAGE: #32

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #1 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction; everybody fits on Mt. King’s peak, in nonfiction.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #2 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. Tutu-Mandela T and R Commissions inspired Arthur’s actions.

@NelsonMandela: Good reason #3 to follow Arthur in @chachomanopapa’s #twitterfiction. You’re certifiably nuts if … you don’t (in nonfiction).

@NelsonMandela: Yer certifiably insane if you read these 140 characters and don’t become wannabe-uber-mensch, in surreal … #twitterfiction.

In yer case Mr. Mandela, ye certainly are uber-mensch material. Until one follows Art tho, one isn’t certifiably … sane (in #twitterfiction).

In dis next to last tweet of 1 PAGE: #32, 7 tweets are bundled, in #twitterfiction-al, alchemical secret, into a real-time display, of reality-literature, nonfictional.

@NelsonMandela: Da risk is not in not havin”CERTIFIED SANE’ on resume. Da risk is indeed not remotely re homo-sapiens’ resumes; risk is in not pluralizin’ dis #twitterfiction-not.