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7 Mo’ Tweets

Who runs?    or someone whose surname may

in space-time rhyme with , in tomorrows’, todays?

Letters    or maybe someone else (with a vision)

whose name rhymes with one … progressive … .

Letters or even some other then;

one with vision, and whose name rhymes with Rules, Golden.

Letters ; Arthur Everman, Angel-Trainee

writes with a heart in his mouth and a tongue … in his cheek.

Letters ; Arthur Everman, Angel-Trainee

writes with an angst, as if born of black humor, so ironically.

Letters ; Angel-Trainee Arthur Everman

with angst writes to counter cognitive dissonance, humorously.

Letters ; Angel-Trainee Arthur Everman

with humor has written AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC, to nations.

More IX

Tri-fold may be the epilog of AN ATLAS POETIC: Peace, prosperity and in nonfiction,

tweetable poetry … for homo sapiens. .

Imagine! Just, imagine … that. It would be, analogously, as if peace married prosperity

and from them, sprung, in , poetry.

Two out of three (if they’re the first two) wouldn’t be bad but, just imagine … all three!

To that end, AN ATLAS POETIC, in .

: If, prior to an 83rd character, poetic tweeters bring to an end then

a first line then with a rhyme, one may artfully, end.

Twitter’s one hundred and forty character formula is, in ,

surprisingly, educational; useful, in marketing and, education.

Behavior modification works demonstrably well in individuals and it’ll work too, in

, for increasingly fractious … nations.

 There’s untold power in behavior mod; just ask ;

and so, an algorithm forward toward evolutionary acculturation.


More V

An Atlas, Poetic IS, at its core an easily read algorithm but the proof, is in

the pudding; and so, a revelation from, this

Twitter’s 140 X 7 = 980; perfect for when attention spans, short and distractions,

many, make for algorithmic education, in .

140 characters times seven tweets total 980 characters. Long enough, in

time’s-at-a-premium-times, to highlight content, in .          

140 characters times seven tweets total 980 characters. Short enough, in

nonfiction, to up the chances that copy is read in .

140 characters times seven tweets total 980 characters. Perfect; in

nonfiction, peace, prosperity and poetry, prosper, in .

980 characters; less than a page; but what does the brevity of words in

nonfiction have to do with peace & prosperity, in ?

Everything … is connected. The proof, in nonfiction, is in puddings wherein

even tiny you pulls earth to you in ironic, .