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SOS (Saving Our Ships)

Now, within but two weeks, four stents later, a metaphysical heart ponders modifications

of behavior; his own; and that of homo … sapiens.

Both, are no-brainers. Art’s heart, ravaged by more than six score years, imminently

threatens a soul … to clock out … near immediately.

Mother Earth’s heart too, like Art’s, has been broken, countless times; inexorably,

ends come for Art and Earth … sooner than … need be.

Ends come for Art and Earth sooner than need be; for mankind, ever seeking

transformation, is at climactic, forks in the road … climaxing.

Indeed there are, in space-time, forks in the road; in individual lives and in our

collective humanity; moments when, courses, we may alter.

Behavior modification; a proven commodity; and, if it works so well in

individuals; maybe it’ll be even better for we fractious … nations.

Behavior mod; worth trying because conflict on Earth is essentially, common

domestic violence. Just separate the parties … for resolution.

Four stents later, a physical heart’s life is extended; all perhaps for naught

should homo sapiens not save spaceship Earth … as it aught.





Near end space-time’s upon us. Art fears that albeit hope in Hopi prophesy, ends,

do … near.   

Art (Arthur Everman) fears too that a union, African, sees not more broadly, union’s


 ” …  today … opportunity for this .” And ?


Pain lingers; so Arthur writes to the nations a la Emily and about change a la Ovid (Ovidius).


AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC: Fictional nonfiction … stardust stories of imaginations’ …


An important subplot; a GOP plots to silence a loose, mutant cannon, a vast chasm,

of a head.   

And so, Arthur Everman’s AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC; a primer to the nations, on

behavior … mod.   

Post script to  about space-timely intervention sans, visions,

a la, Kennedy’s.   

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: What powers that be shan’t want you, in evolution,

to critically .. read.  

What powers that be shan’t want you to see for the sovereignty of nations’

… ne’er ceded.   




On writing to all a la, Emily Dickinson about inexorable change, a la … Ovidius;

cc:    for … us.

On writing to all about ISIS The Caliphate … for the rest of us … opportunity. cc:

   … timely.

On writing to Jews, Christians, Muslims and too, the rest of us homo sapiens, (wo)men,

‘wise’. cc:   

A symbol of hate fluttered this morning finally. Yet still, our work’s cut out for us.

cc:    for us.

And so AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC, a blueprint to a yellow brick road more utopian,

than dystopian. cc:   

Because all violence is domestic violence. It begs for the parties’ separation, in

space-time. cc:   

HOMO SAPIENS: In education’s alchemy & neuroscience’s behavior mod, separation

is  … remedy. cc:  @HillaryClinton

More IX

Tri-fold may be the epilog of AN ATLAS POETIC: Peace, prosperity and in nonfiction,

tweetable poetry … for homo sapiens. .

Imagine! Just, imagine … that. It would be, analogously, as if peace married prosperity

and from them, sprung, in , poetry.

Two out of three (if they’re the first two) wouldn’t be bad but, just imagine … all three!

To that end, AN ATLAS POETIC, in .

: If, prior to an 83rd character, poetic tweeters bring to an end then

a first line then with a rhyme, one may artfully, end.

Twitter’s one hundred and forty character formula is, in ,

surprisingly, educational; useful, in marketing and, education.

Behavior modification works demonstrably well in individuals and it’ll work too, in

, for increasingly fractious … nations.

 There’s untold power in behavior mod; just ask ;

and so, an algorithm forward toward evolutionary acculturation.