SOS (Saving Our Ships)

Now, within but two weeks, four stents later, a metaphysical heart ponders modifications

of behavior; his own; and that of homo … sapiens.

Both, are no-brainers. Art’s heart, ravaged by more than six score years, imminently

threatens a soul … to clock out … near immediately.

Mother Earth’s heart too, like Art’s, has been broken, countless times; inexorably,

ends come for Art and Earth … sooner than … need be.

Ends come for Art and Earth sooner than need be; for mankind, ever seeking

transformation, is at climactic, forks in the road … climaxing.

Indeed there are, in space-time, forks in the road; in individual lives and in our

collective humanity; moments when, courses, we may alter.

Behavior modification; a proven commodity; and, if it works so well in

individuals; maybe it’ll be even better for we fractious … nations.

Behavior mod; worth trying because conflict on Earth is essentially, common

domestic violence. Just separate the parties … for resolution.

Four stents later, a physical heart’s life is extended; all perhaps for naught

should homo sapiens not save spaceship Earth … as it aught.




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