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UNION: Union is oft good, Putin’s, former USSR, notwithstanding;


Union, ‘s USA; union as well  and ;

community’s natural … expression.  

UNION: Union, oft, is good; why not then a global, political, union?


UNION: naturally good; and (like cereal), good for you … why not then?


UNION: It is because the soulless nations wash your brains, to tax your gain.


UNION: Union is good; just ask the insects; they excel … in community.


UNION: Union’s good; ditto, unions into a singular entity; many, become, one.



Near end space-time’s upon us. Art fears that albeit hope in Hopi prophesy, ends,

do … near.   

Art (Arthur Everman) fears too that a union, African, sees not more broadly, union’s


 ” …  today … opportunity for this .” And ?


Pain lingers; so Arthur writes to the nations a la Emily and about change a la Ovid (Ovidius).


AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC: Fictional nonfiction … stardust stories of imaginations’ …


An important subplot; a GOP plots to silence a loose, mutant cannon, a vast chasm,

of a head.   

And so, Arthur Everman’s AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC; a primer to the nations, on

behavior … mod.   

Post script to  about space-timely intervention sans, visions,

a la, Kennedy’s.   

AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: What powers that be shan’t want you, in evolution,

to critically .. read.  

What powers that be shan’t want you to see for the sovereignty of nations’

… ne’er ceded.