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@RealDonaldTrump: History, prophesy and nature mitigate against humanity’s

being, in #twitterfiction, saved from … sovereign-based, countries.

@RealDonaldTrump: Thus, AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC: On surrealism, fiction,

nonfiction and, in #twitterfiction, neuro-scientific, science-fiction.

@RealDonaldTrump: What needs to be read by everyone on the planet can not be,

in #twitterfiction, while bottled up in @twitter streams, surreally.

@RealDonaldTrump: What needs to be read by every (wo)man on the planet, in

#twitterfiction, has been read but by Angel Trainee, Arthur Everman.

@RealDonaldTrump: A thin veneer of civilization masks savage beasts lurking in

#twitterfiction, in the heart of every child, man, and woman.

@RealDonaldTrump: Behavior mod works well in individuals; it may work even

more dramatically, in #twitterfiction, for sovereign … nations.

@RealDonaldTrump: Behavior mod; worth trying because conflict on Earth is, in

#twitterfiction, common domestic violence …  in nonfiction.

Peace, Prosperity … and Poetry


English is (after Greek), but Mother Earth’s second lingua franca. Its rich vocabulary,
rhymes easily; home in song, psalm, prose … or … poetry.

The richest tongue (by word count) owes its extreme mega-wealth to heavy
borrowing from other tongues … and His timing … uncanny.

To wit: There are more English-speaking Chinese than, seemingly incredibly,
Americans. More Chinese than Americans know a twit … from a tweet.

Tweet is oft understood; but twit? Twits are taunts. To twit is to titter, or taunt. Hmm;
why then Twitter, not Tweeter … in nonfiction?

Why Twitter and not Tweeter, albeit, an intriguing riddle isn’t the point. In surreal nonfiction,
more intriguing is Twitter’s … algorithm.

Algorithms are procedures or formulas for solving problems. It may be, in scientific nonfiction,
a step-by-step set of transformative, operations.

A set of transformative, operations; such is AN ATLAS, POETIC. For therein, in surreal nonfiction,
an Angel-Trainee … pleads for … evolution.

‘Tis evolution and not devolution that He would have for us, imparting, to Hopi petroglyphs fateful meaning … in your nonfictions … ironic.

For He is the great author of this grand morality play and of all of the subplots that, in nonfiction … He has oh so grandly … written.

Arthur Everman is His Angel-Trainee. Art, along with his five, critter-co-author-friends have been commissioned to save the Earth, from a self-inflicted, extinction.

AN ATLAS POETIC cc:   ,   ,  in ‘s, #twitterfiction.

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Recapitulating His Story … Thus Far

AN ATLAS POETIC: History is His story retold fittingly, in epic poetry; and in ‘s,

mutant, literature. cc: ,

Once upon a time One asked in a dream one person from every land, in ,

to pen a poem, to every nation. cc: ,

“What ten words do you, to humanity, bequeath?” An odd question, in ,

and inception to transformation. cc:  

“Write it and they will come.” Epigrams become tweets of and to the nations in

 became AN ATLAS POETIC. cc:  

God -ed a gaggle of intergalactics to save humanity, in ,

from fates … previously … written. cc:  

Five angels and an angel-trainee -ed by God to save His creation, in

from its own, extinction. cc: ,

And so, AN ATLAS POETIC: His story, history and synergy’s alchemy; in ,

epic poetry … to the nations. cc:  

Therein Buzz, the fly, Kong the ape, Lou, the lemming join Job, Nerd and, in ,

Art … in storytelling. cc:  

What needs to be read by everyone on the planet can not be, in ,

while bottled up in , streams. cc:  

What needs to be read by every man and woman on the planet, in ,

has been read but by, Arthur Everman. cc:  

A thin veneer of civilization masks, a savage beast, lurking, in ,

within the heart of every, (wo)man. cc: ,

History and prophesy mitigate against plurality rescuing and saving, in ,

a sovereign-based, humanity. cc: ,

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions & in

neuro-scientific, science-fiction. cc:  

Behavior mod works well in individuals and it may work more dramatically, in

for we fractious nations. cc:  

AN ATLAS, POETIC; nonfictional, fiction. Laughter therapy and behavior modification … in

ironic … . cc:  

Behavior modification; worth trying because conflict on Earth is in ,

domestic violence, in nonfiction. cc:  

Alchemical potentials, metaphysical; and, transcendental transformations; in ,

easy. A, B, C … easy! cc: ,

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions & in ;

NOT Just Another … ‘The Sky is Falling’ … story. cc:  

AN ATLAS POETIC; a compendium of deceased poets’ pleas, in ,

for global, truth and … reconciliation. cc: ,

Letting wild dreams take flight, one wonders if @DisneyPixar, in #twitterfiction‘s,

up to animating AN ATLAS, POETIC; nonfictional, fiction? cc:  

‘s Art tweets and posts excerpts from … in  …


1 PAGE: # 12

And so it passed, in #twitterfiction, that a wingless Angel Trainee, Art, became the first trainee ever to suffer … such an ignominiously … humiliating … indignity.

Back to Art later. In #twitterfiction, a bloody good bloke … But first things, duly first … Job one is saving a planet … a world done come … at the seams … undone.

That context (a world unbecomingly come undone), unglued Me. Only somewhat implausibly, googled for were critters. They, and Art penned a self-fulfilling comedy … starring … Me.

A screaming tweet drowned out these holidays twas the tweet that screamed: “KIM JONG UN AND POPE … SECRETLY TWEETING” … in #twitterfiction.

Another tweet drowned out these holidays; the tweet that teased, “NOBEL FOR DPRK’s KIM? Corporate powers that be … and two-legged proxies … are targeting Art … and him.

Nobel? DPRK? KIM? How on earth, such implausibility? That’s what Me’s been tryin’ to tell ya. chachomanopapa.wordpress.com … to #twitterfiction … Abba.

Yea, Almighty Me’s no bones re tweeting with thee. Why then dost thou re tweeting with Me? Reneging, art thou? chachomanopapa.wordpress.com … to @ShareThis #twitterfiction, e-z.

1 PAGE: # 11

Two tweets recently glimpsed swirling about in #twitterfiction’s stream: One’s leaking that Kim Jong Un & Pope are communicating by … “SECRETLY TWEETING HIM

A 2nd #twitterfiction tweet 1st exclaims, “KIM JONG UN & POPE TWEET, then addeth asketh, immediately “NOBEL for DPRK?” … What is this that thee tweeteth secretly … Me asketh?

No one’s confirming; no one’s denying; par for the course, but really, “What if Kim Jong Un undid perception of him … surreally … via Pope Ben’s … #twitterfiction initiative?

In #twitterfiction’s surreality, the end’s not an end as traditional treaties are, to traditional ends, but rather, dialog, exchanges of letters … between friends.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality (Mine too actually), ends are not ends, but never-ending beginnings and ends. To that end then know … you’re just beginning.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality #peace&prosperity’s the end-game. Not just dead ends and giddy beginnings. Smorgasbords, of fresh beginnings, tired ends …  & all the in-betweeny.

To tweet #twitterfiction to obtain #peace then seems not so implausible since its sensibly plausible, we’ll all act, in 3rd acts … (Ben, Bo, Twit, Kim & Me) … responsibly.

1Page: # 10

Arthur Everman, angel trainee, trained his shaded eyes away from My direct (some say) steely gaze … He knows God’s gonna do, what God’s gotta do … anyway … really.

Arthur, wings clipped (& beside himself emotionally), was only but physically beside Me … He’d forever be butt … of jokes & jibes … for all … of eternity.

He & and his alkie critter pals (pursuant to heavenly protocol) were fairly unfairly … of shiny wings  stripped. Unfortunate. The Sexy Six … had waxed well … poetically.

Demoted for seasoning to the minor leagues (at Olympus), he’d have to withstand … heavenly drudgery, yet another year … the heavenly drudgery that’s life … for angel-trainees.

My story’s history, education’s alchemy & any who’ve tweeted or retweeted, either to Arthur, or Myself, maybe soon … in bookstore … buy book … or store.

Who’s the author of your reality & the reality of everything & everyone, past present & future … beyond it? … And who gets to … by virtue of His power … empower?

You can thank Me (God) later, if we do (lol), see one another, hence … Beckons implausibility;  extreme Art … a tanked crew … & a treaty … ‘tween Kim Jong Un … & Me.

1 PAGE: # 9

BREAKING STORY … “@ShareThis. chachomanopapa.wordpress.com/, Arthur and Almighty Me via #twitterfiction, #present #peace, #in3acts … #alchemically.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Me googled for a gaggle of slacker groggers across Me’s far-flung parallel universes … ya know … like … infinitely.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Me did so google a gaggle of slacker groggers b/c Arthur prayerfully argued … topically comical words might  … attract better.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. All of the groggers typed, excruciatingly slowly. Yet ready, was their manuscript, in time with Mayan timing … phenomenally.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Your Creator’s author & editor but Me be damned if Me’s ever been critic. One thing’s sure. We’re chuckling in Heaven … knowingly.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Arthur and his Zoo Crew of odd critters (Angel Trainees), however, haven’t been as well received in milieus … more earthly.”

BREAKING STORY … “@ShareThis. Arthur & his motley crew of critters, have consequently, been stripped of wings, most unfairly … having waxed well … poetically.”