1 PAGE: # 11

Two tweets recently glimpsed swirling about in #twitterfiction’s stream: One’s leaking that Kim Jong Un & Pope are communicating by … “SECRETLY TWEETING HIM

A 2nd #twitterfiction tweet 1st exclaims, “KIM JONG UN & POPE TWEET, then addeth asketh, immediately “NOBEL for DPRK?” … What is this that thee tweeteth secretly … Me asketh?

No one’s confirming; no one’s denying; par for the course, but really, “What if Kim Jong Un undid perception of him … surreally … via Pope Ben’s … #twitterfiction initiative?

In #twitterfiction’s surreality, the end’s not an end as traditional treaties are, to traditional ends, but rather, dialog, exchanges of letters … between friends.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality (Mine too actually), ends are not ends, but never-ending beginnings and ends. To that end then know … you’re just beginning.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality #peace&prosperity’s the end-game. Not just dead ends and giddy beginnings. Smorgasbords, of fresh beginnings, tired ends …  & all the in-betweeny.

To tweet #twitterfiction to obtain #peace then seems not so implausible since its sensibly plausible, we’ll all act, in 3rd acts … (Ben, Bo, Twit, Kim & Me) … responsibly.

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