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1 PAGE: # 28

When last Almighty Me tweeted and blogged thee (7 edited tweets at PAGE # 27), Me opined: … Time flies. Time’s short. Time’s Mine … not thine’s.

Presumably, (albeit not certainly), Muslims, Christians and Jews agree. Agnostics doubt it. Atheists … self-assuredly … deny it.

Fact is, as respects Almighty Me, My Muslim, Christian and Jewish children agree … nominally … in matters of substance, only to disagree … on form … and formalities.

Fact is, as respects Almighty Me, My Muslim, Christian and Jewish children, intolerant, generally,  defy My crystal clear Commandments … knowingly.

Fact is, as respects Almighty Me, My Muslim, Christian and Jewish children’s belligerent intolerance is to Me … abhorrent.

Fact is, as respects Almighty Me, My Muslim, Christian and Jewish children’s belligerent intolerance bodes that editing … is imminent.

Algeria and Mali; Almighty Me assures thee; all of thee, whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish … agnostic or atheist … that on editing … Me’s bullish.

1 PAGE: # 27

When last Almighty Me tweeted and blogged thee (7 edited tweets at Page # 26), Me thee wrote: What you do to the least of thee … you do …. to Me.

To wit, what’s gone on recently in Algeria and Mali. Me reiterates most unequivocably to all thee: What you do to the least of thee … you do … to Me.

With terror’s timeline thusly temporarily updated, “Mr. Marlboro,” smokes, on Earth no more, albeit in Hell, there’ll be more than enough smoke … in store.

One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Reminds Almighty Me of Rodney King’s song of  lament. “Why can’t we all … just get along.”

As things stand, “getting along” isn’t in prognoses, much less cards nor stars. With treatment though, the prognoses are no bar … to curing ailments.

Take it from Almighty Me all the way to banks. As you individually overcome maladies, or not … so too, communally, you may submit … to treatment … or not.

Time flies. Time’s short. Time’s Mine, not thine’s. Submit to treatment post haste if you’d make of Algeria and Mali … a pivot point … for all souls’ sake.

1 PAGE: # 24

The Korean stalemate, problematic as it is, is the best bet amongst your global nuclear rivalries, for a #twitterfiction settlement of issues … quite possibly.

The stalemate, pitting a Communist North against a capitalist South, is in microcosm, allegory, Korean, of recent … anthropological history.

In contrast to nonfiction, in #twitterfiction, this stalemate’s precursor to a united Korea, really lessening global tensions … surreally.

Kim Jong Un, youngest head of state, in #twitterfiction’s, the sexiest on the planet, if only to … his beloved … lovely wife … Ri Sol Ju.

Elitist Forbes Magazine, in a piece on the 7.1 billion, wrote of 71 of you that are, in #twitterfiction, “the ones that count” … a nonfictional … fiction.

Fact is that Forbes’ “ones that count,” don’t count much without the rest of you. Without you … the ones that count … count too few.

Facebook, Earth’s communal face, and Twitter, its communal voice, augur the means, already accessible, by which you might aspire … to Me … communally.

1 PAGE: # 20

We do love our situation-comedies up here in Heaven. But recall, Me’s both author and editor. When Earthly writing and acting gets lamely trite … time to edit … for the editor.

Or not; when the need for editing gets compelling, that’s when Me edits. To make a long story, tweetly short, the fate, of the planet depends … on thee.

And not even all of thee, practically. Fact is, one percent of 7.1 billion is 71 million, a number, less than that, already cruising … Facebook … and Twitter.

What if Facebook &Twitter … cast off blinders? Follow Me in a grand effort. Aspire to humanity, more like Me … via alchemy … Education … is … alchemy.

You know that intuitively; and if, as is so, education is alchemy, then concerted action is alchemy … on steroids. Don’t be remiss … to act … to harness … energy.

Stuck in ruts; mindsets (blinders) make it near impossible to see, what’s clearly in front of thee. You’d veer from precipice, beyond (fiscal) cliffs, if you’d concertedly … pray to Me.

Your old ways of making money are increasingly passe. Harness, forthwith, irrepressible energy inherent in children; My children; your children. Education … is … alchemy!

1 PAGE: # 17

Will the real Kim Jong Un please stand up? That refrain, from a former earthly TV fave game show (that’s a hit in Heaven) echoes resoundingly … on Earth today.

But too few hear; and too many that hear, don’t see; an inexorable consequence of leisurely activity … that doesn’t include … reading … unfortunately.

You’ve entered into a new age. Me knows; you all expected bells and whistles. Take it from Almighty Me … some ages come in with Big Bangs … others with little ones.

Make no mistake. Take it, to the bank. You heard it first, from Almighty Me. An onset of an eon;  silent twitterfiction … or is it … nonfiction?

Talk about Zeitgeist! Twitterfiction? A silent, little bang, if ever Me heard one. Arthur and Kim Jong Un entered … stage left … a stage … and a setting …. authored by Him.

Back to twitterfiction plots. Kim Jong Un sees through transparents (Twitter, Barack & Benny);   betrayed & betrayors; mortal hands that shook. Worse; they used Kim to dupe … Me.

As in nonfiction, in twitterfiction, the 1% minority (warm-blooded robber barons and icily-blooded national and corporate entities … neither confirm … nor deny … Me.

1 PAGE: # 14

Arthur beat out a drumbeat. Part breezy, part bluesy, the total of its parts, in #twitterfiction, ought to have been newsy … nonfictional … fiction.

Me knew better. Art too beat back a certainty; even a very rosy #twitterfiction epilog will not improve his odds of saving Earth beyond … near nil … (not!).

But Me knows better than that too. Me is author and editor. Me makes universes. Me’s the ability to tweak in #twitterfiction … with verse or tweet … a galaxy … and thee.

Verse snugly fits within tweets. Me knows this. Art learned it. That’s why Me liked Art’s #twitterfiction verse, as a way to MOST implausibly … save the Earth.

Talk about Zeitgeist. My galactic alignment (that it’s Mayan, is in error), capitalism and communism, Lady Gaga, and now, in #twitterfiction … Kim Jong Un.

Young ones: Ones such as Kim Jong Un and you; wrest power from powers that be and Benny, Bo and Twit proxies. Your destiny fits snugly… in #twitterfiction surrealities.

Fitting into #twitterfiction reality isn’t near enough in fact, for that so-called reality’s, surreality in fact. How to jibe … your surreality … with My reality?

1 PAGE: # 12

And so it passed, in #twitterfiction, that a wingless Angel Trainee, Art, became the first trainee ever to suffer … such an ignominiously … humiliating … indignity.

Back to Art later. In #twitterfiction, a bloody good bloke … But first things, duly first … Job one is saving a planet … a world done come … at the seams … undone.

That context (a world unbecomingly come undone), unglued Me. Only somewhat implausibly, googled for were critters. They, and Art penned a self-fulfilling comedy … starring … Me.

A screaming tweet drowned out these holidays twas the tweet that screamed: “KIM JONG UN AND POPE … SECRETLY TWEETING” … in #twitterfiction.

Another tweet drowned out these holidays; the tweet that teased, “NOBEL FOR DPRK’s KIM? Corporate powers that be … and two-legged proxies … are targeting Art … and him.

Nobel? DPRK? KIM? How on earth, such implausibility? That’s what Me’s been tryin’ to tell ya. chachomanopapa.wordpress.com … to #twitterfiction … Abba.

Yea, Almighty Me’s no bones re tweeting with thee. Why then dost thou re tweeting with Me? Reneging, art thou? chachomanopapa.wordpress.com … to @ShareThis #twitterfiction, e-z.

1 PAGE: # 11

Two tweets recently glimpsed swirling about in #twitterfiction’s stream: One’s leaking that Kim Jong Un & Pope are communicating by … “SECRETLY TWEETING HIM

A 2nd #twitterfiction tweet 1st exclaims, “KIM JONG UN & POPE TWEET, then addeth asketh, immediately “NOBEL for DPRK?” … What is this that thee tweeteth secretly … Me asketh?

No one’s confirming; no one’s denying; par for the course, but really, “What if Kim Jong Un undid perception of him … surreally … via Pope Ben’s … #twitterfiction initiative?

In #twitterfiction’s surreality, the end’s not an end as traditional treaties are, to traditional ends, but rather, dialog, exchanges of letters … between friends.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality (Mine too actually), ends are not ends, but never-ending beginnings and ends. To that end then know … you’re just beginning.

In #twitterfiction’s surreality #peace&prosperity’s the end-game. Not just dead ends and giddy beginnings. Smorgasbords, of fresh beginnings, tired ends …  & all the in-betweeny.

To tweet #twitterfiction to obtain #peace then seems not so implausible since its sensibly plausible, we’ll all act, in 3rd acts … (Ben, Bo, Twit, Kim & Me) … responsibly.