1 PAGE: # 27

When last Almighty Me tweeted and blogged thee (7 edited tweets at Page # 26), Me thee wrote: What you do to the least of thee … you do …. to Me.

To wit, what’s gone on recently in Algeria and Mali. Me reiterates most unequivocably to all thee: What you do to the least of thee … you do … to Me.

With terror’s timeline thusly temporarily updated, “Mr. Marlboro,” smokes, on Earth no more, albeit in Hell, there’ll be more than enough smoke … in store.

One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Reminds Almighty Me of Rodney King’s song of  lament. “Why can’t we all … just get along.”

As things stand, “getting along” isn’t in prognoses, much less cards nor stars. With treatment though, the prognoses are no bar … to curing ailments.

Take it from Almighty Me all the way to banks. As you individually overcome maladies, or not … so too, communally, you may submit … to treatment … or not.

Time flies. Time’s short. Time’s Mine, not thine’s. Submit to treatment post haste if you’d make of Algeria and Mali … a pivot point … for all souls’ sake.

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