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1 PAGE: # 17

Will the real Kim Jong Un please stand up? That refrain, from a former earthly TV fave game show (that’s a hit in Heaven) echoes resoundingly … on Earth today.

But too few hear; and too many that hear, don’t see; an inexorable consequence of leisurely activity … that doesn’t include … reading … unfortunately.

You’ve entered into a new age. Me knows; you all expected bells and whistles. Take it from Almighty Me … some ages come in with Big Bangs … others with little ones.

Make no mistake. Take it, to the bank. You heard it first, from Almighty Me. An onset of an eon;  silent twitterfiction … or is it … nonfiction?

Talk about Zeitgeist! Twitterfiction? A silent, little bang, if ever Me heard one. Arthur and Kim Jong Un entered … stage left … a stage … and a setting …. authored by Him.

Back to twitterfiction plots. Kim Jong Un sees through transparents (Twitter, Barack & Benny);   betrayed & betrayors; mortal hands that shook. Worse; they used Kim to dupe … Me.

As in nonfiction, in twitterfiction, the 1% minority (warm-blooded robber barons and icily-blooded national and corporate entities … neither confirm … nor deny … Me.

1 PAGE: # 14

Arthur beat out a drumbeat. Part breezy, part bluesy, the total of its parts, in #twitterfiction, ought to have been newsy … nonfictional … fiction.

Me knew better. Art too beat back a certainty; even a very rosy #twitterfiction epilog will not improve his odds of saving Earth beyond … near nil … (not!).

But Me knows better than that too. Me is author and editor. Me makes universes. Me’s the ability to tweak in #twitterfiction … with verse or tweet … a galaxy … and thee.

Verse snugly fits within tweets. Me knows this. Art learned it. That’s why Me liked Art’s #twitterfiction verse, as a way to MOST implausibly … save the Earth.

Talk about Zeitgeist. My galactic alignment (that it’s Mayan, is in error), capitalism and communism, Lady Gaga, and now, in #twitterfiction … Kim Jong Un.

Young ones: Ones such as Kim Jong Un and you; wrest power from powers that be and Benny, Bo and Twit proxies. Your destiny fits snugly… in #twitterfiction surrealities.

Fitting into #twitterfiction reality isn’t near enough in fact, for that so-called reality’s, surreality in fact. How to jibe … your surreality … with My reality?


Killer lightning and fallen trees … joined by Ninjas a-lurking … lurking … closely  … about light lines, lining Arthur’s property …  Ninjas and lines tormented last night.

Twitter’s signature 140 character formula (x 7), Tweets to the Pope …  and Ninjas don’t agog enough to unfog a humanity totally fogged-in … less than … agog.

Of imprimatur signs Arthur had beseeched; two had nearly killed him. Both seemingly utterly useless  if aiming … skeptical men … (by redress) … to address … purposefully.

And so it’s  come to pass: Angels, critters anew last night, in dreams, helped Art write, Tweet  and blog to reach a man  … on  a mean street.

Ex-twit Arthur had begun his transcendence, but he thought, and wrote, slowly. God’s intent: reinforcements … to best augment content.

Implausiblly, it’s a matter of Zeitgeist. He is the timing of and for all things. And His timing’s impeccable … and abiding.

An allegorically comical murder mystery, implausibly, from pen and paradigm arisen is creating a matrix … less unclear … But the proof … is in the pudding.