1 PAGE: # 20

We do love our situation-comedies up here in Heaven. But recall, Me’s both author and editor. When Earthly writing and acting gets lamely trite … time to edit … for the editor.

Or not; when the need for editing gets compelling, that’s when Me edits. To make a long story, tweetly short, the fate, of the planet depends … on thee.

And not even all of thee, practically. Fact is, one percent of 7.1 billion is 71 million, a number, less than that, already cruising … Facebook … and Twitter.

What if Facebook &Twitter … cast off blinders? Follow Me in a grand effort. Aspire to humanity, more like Me … via alchemy … Education … is … alchemy.

You know that intuitively; and if, as is so, education is alchemy, then concerted action is alchemy … on steroids. Don’t be remiss … to act … to harness … energy.

Stuck in ruts; mindsets (blinders) make it near impossible to see, what’s clearly in front of thee. You’d veer from precipice, beyond (fiscal) cliffs, if you’d concertedly … pray to Me.

Your old ways of making money are increasingly passe. Harness, forthwith, irrepressible energy inherent in children; My children; your children. Education … is … alchemy!

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