Peace, Prosperity … and Poetry


English is (after Greek), but Mother Earth’s second lingua franca. Its rich vocabulary,
rhymes easily; home in song, psalm, prose … or … poetry.

The richest tongue (by word count) owes its extreme mega-wealth to heavy
borrowing from other tongues … and His timing … uncanny.

To wit: There are more English-speaking Chinese than, seemingly incredibly,
Americans. More Chinese than Americans know a twit … from a tweet.

Tweet is oft understood; but twit? Twits are taunts. To twit is to titter, or taunt. Hmm;
why then Twitter, not Tweeter … in nonfiction?

Why Twitter and not Tweeter, albeit, an intriguing riddle isn’t the point. In surreal nonfiction,
more intriguing is Twitter’s … algorithm.

Algorithms are procedures or formulas for solving problems. It may be, in scientific nonfiction,
a step-by-step set of transformative, operations.

A set of transformative, operations; such is AN ATLAS, POETIC. For therein, in surreal nonfiction,
an Angel-Trainee … pleads for … evolution.

‘Tis evolution and not devolution that He would have for us, imparting, to Hopi petroglyphs fateful meaning … in your nonfictions … ironic.

For He is the great author of this grand morality play and of all of the subplots that, in nonfiction … He has oh so grandly … written.

Arthur Everman is His Angel-Trainee. Art, along with his five, critter-co-author-friends have been commissioned to save the Earth, from a self-inflicted, extinction.

AN ATLAS POETIC cc:   ,   ,  in ‘s, #twitterfiction.

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