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I espy that in a hell on earth, a bonfire of vanity consumes ex funny man William

Cosby … punishing, crime.  

I espy that Cosby’s subplot in His morality play may be allegory; an ex funny man

by own hand … un-funnied.  

I espy that homo sapiens will trend toward alchemically seeing a bigger picture, in

epigrammatic … poetry.  

I espy that homo sapiens will trend to algorithmically see a bigger picture, in

Art’s epigrammatic … poetry.  

I espy that Arthur Everman’s AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC may be, for a heaven on

earth, an alchemic … blueprint.  

I espy that Arthur Everman’s epigrams, come posts, come algorithmic primer,

may be a blueprint for heaven, on earth.  

I espy that Everman’s epigrams come posts, come algorithmic primer may be on

earth … as dream … a winner.  



Partiers-American: Two parties, Grand Ol’ and Democratic, are not the partiers

of our fathers. cc:   

No; one is not the party of President Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator …

of the union. cc:   

Nor is one the party of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the great … new-dealer,

president. cc:   

Nor is one the party of John F. Kennedy, who, once upon a time, as a pipe-dreamer

… dreamt. cc:   

The planet pines for leaders with wisdom’s vision and dreams’ insights bigger

than a Big-Bang. cc:   

A globe pines not for shoot-from-the-hip reactionaries like the gossipmonger

. cc:   

Why not freedom of religion, universally, and a Golden Rule (the only), secular

… commandment?   


Time and change; one, a fourth dimension, the other, a dimensionless
ebb and flow; both, in #twitterfiction, purposeful … but formless.

Once upon a time, in #twitterfiction, a dreamy being asked, in a dream, one
(wo)man from every land to pen a poem to … every nation.

The compendium (in #twitterfiction, “AN ATLAS … POETIC”), languishes, in
the memory of Art Everman’s laptop, read by no one … but Everman.

In #twitterfiction, AN ATLAS … POETIC; a compendium of heartfelt pleas,
for Mandela-Tutu-like, global truth and … reconciliation, please.

In #twitterfiction, what needs to be read by every human (every man, woman
and child on the planet), has been read only by … Arthur Everman.

In #twitterfiction, AN ATLAS … POETIC; poetry about history, sociology
and eschatology; irony in verse for each nation … and territory.

Irony in verse, for each nation and territory. That is what is in #twitterfiction,
AN ATLAS POETIC; a call to action to … become Bohemian.

#Twitterfiction: Follow @chachomanopapa on Twitter and its surreal analog,
chachomanopapa.wordpress.com; historic poetry from tweets and … a blog.