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1 PAGE: # 19

Almighty Me … and the rest of the Heavenly Host; we all love our sit-coms (situation comedies for the unintiated) … Me decries that on Earth … for far to many … they’re rarity.

The powers that be & their proxies, BBT (Ben, Bo & Twitter), care little whether amenities available on the African continent are on par with ‘Europy’ … and ‘Amerikany’.

Me coins the term cautiously. Me loves many things American; hot dogs, apple pie & American women … Me’s just crazed … ’bout dem wimen’.

The USA tho was better when America wasn’t America (the USA), but rather what it was when, America was ‘Indian” … and ‘Indians’ were Asians.

Don’t make the trek of ‘Asians’, become ‘Indians’, become ‘Americans’ meaningless … YOU HAVE MEANING … IT’S ME AND NOT NEARLY AS WELL … YOU TOO.

YEAH … (er, Yea) Me, may be viewed as having screwed you guys up royally when Me, ye endowed with reason … forfeiting instinct … excessively.

“Trek” … a word come to you, courtesy of Boer migrations; given what’s transpired … even Mandela’s inspired … Alchemy, from nonfictional … fiction.